Retreats – The new way to travel

Like everything in life, our travel behavior often undergoes change. For some time now, a major trend in this field can be observed, namely the increased demand for retreats – that is, travel with meaning. The turn to this kind of vacation goes hand in hand with a collective awareness for more mindfulness & introspection, because these guided or accompanied journeys can in a way also be called a journey to oneself.

Within the framework of a few days, the focus here is on certain topics – mostly yoga, meditation and the practice of mantras – which create a kind of safe space. In general, it is about dealing with one’s own inner self, recharging one’s batteries and enjoying with all one’s senses. While there are retreats all over the globe, from Austria to Bali, they have a few things in common:

1.) Community among like-minded people, getting to know people and benefiting from each other.
2.) To come to peace, find balance, and switch off.
3.) Get rid of ballast, get in touch with yourself, and restore balance.
4.) Exercise!
5.) Spend time in nature.
6) Take advantage of the spa’s beneficial wellness offers.
7.) Healthy, enjoyable culinary delights.

In short: Take care of yourself and go home with good thoughts.

Retreats at Falkensteiner

Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences has also recognized this trend and included the first retreats in its vacation portfolio some time ago. Mostly on the subject of yoga – and shortly also for the first time on Pilates with The Pilates Babe – individual hotels have brought true greats of the scene into the house to offer participants a vacation with added value. Sounding names such as Sandra König or Marcel Clementi kidnap the guests regularly on a valuable journey into the world of Mindfulness. In hilly landscapes with green meadows and lush forests or by the sea, in the midst of the enchanting maritime flair, may be practiced, breathed through and relaxed in all peace. In addition to the daily sessions, there is a large amount of free time, which the participants can spend in the spa area, hiking, biking or doing nothing. Additional offers such as forest bathing or (singing bowl) meditation, massages and lectures are also popular.

When are you ready for your first vacation at dreamy retreats?

Pictures: (c) Pexels