Planning holidays with social media, Dr. Google and Co.

On Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Co. we are constantly confronted with great holiday pictures. The thought “Oh, I’d love to be there too” is a constant companion as we scroll through social media and read pictures. But many platforms can not only inspire you but also help you to plan your own perfect trip. We’ve put together some tips on how social media and the possibilities of the internet can make planning and booking your holiday easier and cheaper.

Travel planning and social media

Travel planning usually consists of several stages or steps. Each step can be supported by different channels to make travel planning easier.

Step 1: Get inspired with Instagram, Pinterest & Podcasts. Save helpful travel tips immediately.

Step 2: Research, plan and compare using Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Podcasts & Corporate Newsletters.

Step 3: Book travel, accommodations, and tickets using blogs and corporate newsletters.

To help you plan your trip using social media and the like, we’d like to take a closer look at the different media.

Sort and save travel inspirations on Pinterest

For all those who do not yet know Pinterest: Pinterest is actually not a social media channel, it’s a picture search engine. Behind every picture is a website or blog that provides more information about the picture or pin. Many people use Pinterest as inspiration for decoration or recipe ideas, but you can also search for “winter holiday with children”, “hiking holiday Austria” or “travel destinations in January” at Pinterest. Whether you are in the inspiration or planning phase, you will find what you are looking for on Pinterest. The most practical thing about it: If the linked article behind the pin contains an interesting travel tip that you want to save, you can simply pin the pin to your own pinboard. By creating your own themed pinboards. You can easily keep track of what’s going on, for example by travel time or country. This way you can easily find the interesting articles again later.

Tip: If you are registered with Pinterest, you can post any website or online article on your bulletin board. You can often find a Pinterest icon next to the pictures in the article or in the top right-hand corner. This allows you to save the article on Pinterest for later (similar to a bookmark in your browser). If you want to try it out, just remember this page on Pinterest!

If you want more travel pins to appear automatically on your Pinterest feed, you might want to check out some travel accounts like Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, traveloptimizer or wetraveltheworld.

Find current and authentic travel tips via Instagram

If you follow travel bloggers, travel companies or hashtags like #tour and #holiday on Instagram, you will automatically see many travel images. Perfect for gathering some travel inspiration. If you want to go to the exact place you just saw in a photo, save the photo right away (the save icon is in the bottom right corner of the photo). If no exact location is marked in the picture, just write to the account directly. Maybe there are even locals who can give you more tips for the trip or recommend a good tour operator. Instagram is a social network and exactly this advantage can be used wonderfully when planning your holidays. Nowhere else will you get more up-to-date, faster and honest tips. If you already have a concrete travel destination in mind, you should definitely browse Instagram using the location or hashtag search. This has already brought to our attention many cool hikes, accommodations and sunset spots that we didn’t have on our screens before.

A great advantage of following company profiles on Instagram (or even Facebook): You get discount or early bird actions very quickly!

Travel inspiration via travel podcasts

Travel podcasts make it possible to get to know exciting new travel countries and be inspired. You can listen to travel information from anywhere via Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and other podcast portals. Whether you’re jogging, driving a car, riding the train, or cleaning up, you’ll be able to research your holiday on the side! Well-known travel podcasts in German-speaking countries include Reisen Reisen, Welttournee, Weltwache and Traveloptimizer.

Plan trips via YouTube

Many travel bloggers also have their own YouTube channels, where they usually record their travels in the form of travel blogs (video diaries). There are several travel blogs, which are not only informative but also very entertaining. If you have found your next destination and are currently in the middle of planning your trip, you can also check YouTube for information about the route or sights. If there are any questions left unanswered, there is a comment field under each video.

Have a look at the YouTube channels of Falkensteiner Hotels, Life to go or Geh mal reisen vorbei. There you can also find vlogs to many countries and places.

Online offers instead of travel agency

Anyone who has ever compared online offers with travel agency offers will find that online offers are usually cheaper. It is, therefore, worthwhile to look at online comparison portals or directly on the hotel website. Also for flights, you usually pay considerably less than in a travel agency via Skyscanner or Urlaubspiraten. If you are still critical of online bookings, we can only advise you to give it a try. Your wallet will be happy! All you need is some time for research and in most cases a credit card. This way you can compare different hotels or dates quickly and easily and don’t have to constantly ask for a new offer from the travel agency.

Tip: It’s also worth subscribing to the newsletter of comparison portals and hotels to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals and discounts 😉

Travel blogs instead of travel guides

The classic method of online research about a specific destination is “google”. This way, you can quickly find a lot of information about the country or place you are going to and you don’t have to flip through a travel guide. If you don’t want to get any package or group travel offers as a search result, it’s best to enter “Destination + Tips + Blog” in Google search. This way Google will spit out mostly travel blogs where you can find authentic travel reports for individual trips. Again, if you have any questions, use the comment box at the end of the article if there are any questions left.

By the way, the article you are reading here is also on a blog. On “Travitude” you can find general travel tips as well as many destinations for families, outdoor enthusiasts and wellness fans. Feel free to click through!

Not just browse, but plan and book

As you can see, there are endless possibilities to plan your next trip via social media, apps and Google. We all spend a lot of time on social media every day anyway. So why not use social media to get some real insider tips and experience an unforgettable holiday. In our experience, these are the best travel tips. Collect and save useful information right away.

Once you have found your dream destination, don’t torture yourself, just book your journey, accommodation or tickets online in advance. This saves stress during the trip and makes the anticipation of the trip even greater 😉

With the right planning, you will definitely experience more beautiful moments on your travels and save yourself the stress on-site!