Miracle cure lemon water

You have already met Daniel, the Spa Manager at the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming. In his interview, he gave you an insight into the spa & activity concept of the hotel, but also an insight into his work and his philosophy of life. Nutrition, fitness, and spa are 3 of his basic pillars, which will be even more reflected in the spa & active concept of the hotel in Schladming in the future. In this article, Daniel tells you about one of his favorite miracle cures, which you can also easily make at home and thus do something good for your body – like in the Acquapura Spa!

Lemon water as an all-round talent

Doing something healthy does not always have to be complicated or expensive. It is often simple household remedies that have a great effect. One such remedy is lemon water. Simple to make and the ingredients should be available to everyone at home.

  • 1 lemon
  • 250-300ml water
  • Citrus Press

Halve the lemon and squeeze the juice with the citrus squeezer. Then mix with water (tap water, preferably lukewarm). Ready – wasn’t that difficult, was it? 😉

Well, and what’s the point? Lemon water may be simple to make, but its effect on your body is all the more impressive. Don’t you think? Then Daniel has seven reasons for you why lemon water is a kind of miracle cure:

  1. the immune system is strengthened
  2. the digestion is regulated
  3. Lemon water cleans your kidneys
  4. you lose weight more easily
  5. your energy increases
  6. the breath becomes fresher
  7. your body is detoxified

Recommendation: Drink the lemon water immediately after getting up in the morning!

Lemon water for body care

If you have some lemon water leftover from this morning, don’t pour it away. Drink it throughout the day – or: The miracle cure lemon water can be used in other ways: for daily body care.
Lemon water, for example, is ideal as a facial tonic for external skincare. Apply the lemon water to your face with an absorbent cotton pad, for example after removing make-up – the eye area should be left out. If the lemon water comes into contact with the eye, it can begin to burn. The applied lemon water now fights bacteria and also tightens the connective tissue.

Furthermore, lemon water can also help you with hair care. If you suffer from brittle hair, then simply wash your hair with a lemon water mixture. 2 lemons and 1 liter of tap water should be sufficient and the lemons bring new shine to your hair.

Give it a try, because apart from all the health benefits, you must never forget: Sour also makes fun 🙂
In the next part of our blog series with Daniel, he will give you tips on the subject of “fitness”. Be curious!