In search of the perfect summer companion

Slowly, the warm rays of the sun disappear on the horizon and another summer day draws to a close. You reflect on your everyday life with all the wonderful experiences, relax and watch the colorful play of lights in the sky, and sip a refreshing summer drink.
sipping contentedly on a refreshing summer drink – pure deceleration.

No matter whether you spend your warm summer evenings with friends, as a couple, or alone – a few tasty summer companions are simply part of the completeness. Thus one creates it also in the twinkling of an eye apiece far vacation feeling into the own walls to conjure. From uncomplicated spritz wine to original Mezcalinha – our MAGNIFICENT FIVE represents the new IT pieces of the coming summer evenings! Let’s go:

01 / THE SPRITZWINE – a classic never goes out of fashion

“Man bringe den Spritzwein” as a slogan and the Spritzwein itself is as much a part of Austrian cultural heritage as Kaiserschmarrn and the original Wiener Schnitzel. Well, an all-time classic. In order to give our classic a little spice, there are now a variety of interpretations – here are a few of the most popular:

  • Aperol Spritz: meanwhile also a classic, the sparkling wine refined with a dosed bitter note called Aperol and a slice of orange, optionally of course with Prosecco instead of wine.
  • Limoncello Spritz: since this year is quite trendy, simply the spritz wine with ice and the sweet-sour Italian
    Lemon liqueur – as a garnish you can still use lemon and mint.
  • Rosato Spritzer – not yet so well known is the spritz wine refined with Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato
  • Granten-Spritzer – sparkling wine refined with “Granten”, i.e. a spoonful of cranberries, can also be made with Prosecco

02 / Craft Beer – Creativity beyond the purity law

Craft beer, which started out as a niche product, has developed into a really great beer with a particularly strong character. India Pale Ale, or IPA for short, with its very fruity, hoppy beer style is a great summer companion. Fruity notes of citrus, pineapple, passion fruit can be found in the smell and taste. Sometimes IPA’s are very bitter due to the strong hop content. In addition to the various India Pale Ale varieties, there are numerous other creations, some of which are refined with herbs, hemp, cucumber, or pink pepper. It is definitely worthwhile to seek advice at the nearest craft beer store and select a fine summer companion.

03 / Lowballs & Mocktails – perfect for the cozy day drinking

One that I personally like very much is the “Grapefruit Thyme Mocktail” – quite a tangy drink due to the mineral water and super refreshing due to the grapefruit juice – a really great companion for hot summer days.

In terms of lowballs, I can recommend a very tropical and also quaffable – the “Cuba Tropical“: pineapple, coconut water paired with rum immediately give rise to vacation feelings…

04 / coffee & tea – refreshing & activating at the same time

Even in summer, I’m a real caffeine junkie – but then I like it in a chilled version and in the evening I like to refine it with a shot of spirits. 😉 Cocktails with coffee notes have come to the fore since the last two years, one of my favorites is the “Gin Tonic Coffee” – a classic Gin Tonic with Cold Brew, dose here according to personal taste, and lemon on top. Sounds a bit strange at first, but for Gin Tonic & Frahling lovers a great drink.

For all tea drinkers, I can recommend the “Green Tea Mojito“, really easy to make and once made you want to drink so quickly no more classic Mojito.

05 / mezcal – Mexican flair for optimal summer feeling

Mezcal is no longer an unknown spirit in the bar scene, but now it seems that the agave liquor has increasingly arrived in Europe. Whether as a Mezcal Mule with Ginger Beer or as a distant relative of the Caipirinha, the Mexican spirit can be used in many ways. All you need for a “Mezcalinha” is frozen raspberries, limes, brown sugar, ice cubes & the main ingredient, mezcal. A drink that can’t be missed at future summer parties.

That was them already, our delicious IT-Pieces for the summer! Have fun trying & tasting!