Good Mood Playlist

There are songs for every single facet of our emotional world: They comfort us when we are sad. They celebrate our greatest moments with us. They help us to overcome lovesickness or make falling in love even more beautiful. And then there’s that great kind of music that can put a smile on our faces, butterflies in our stomachs and bumblebees in our asses: the good mood songs! We have made a small selection for you here, which should inspire you to dance, sing along, roar, dream and celebrate. Have fun! 🙂

George Ezra – PARADISE

Concentrated Brit-Power from the first bar. At the latest during the chorus it hardly keeps anybody on the sofa. Singing along, roaring along, as long as you’re in a good mood! “Paradise, roll on roll on. Meet me there, hold on hold on” we take as our motto

THE BEACH BOYS – Wouldn’t it be nice

Pretty much every Beach Boys song passes for a “good mood song”. Immediately pictures arise before the inner eye: of sunshine, sea, surfer boys & girls and endless summer days. Switch on, close your eyes and wake up in California.

THE BEATLES – Here comes the sun

A song that was written on a spring day in London, when George Harrison – the lead guitarist of the Beatles – didn’t feel like going to the recording studio at the famous Abbey Road. Instead, he sat down in the garden, let the sunshine in his face and wrote this song: “Here comes the sun and I say it’s alright!”

BOB MARLEY – Three little birds

Please ignore the note in the margin that this song was the soundtrack for the zombie apocalypse-ending time drama with Will Smith “I am legend”. Instead, we thank the legendary Bob Marley for this incredibly beautiful good mood song, which with simple lines like “every little thing is gonna be alright” and with this unique Caribbean lightness lets us see things very quickly in a different light – preferably in the light of the Jamaican sun!

JIMMY CLIFF – I can see clearly now

Who doesn’t know it? That feeling when all worries fall away from you, the proverbial clouds clear up and the sun shines for you again. This feeling is perfectly embodied in this song and gives us the certainty that after the rain the sun shines again and again. “It’s gonna be a bright and sunshiny day!”


This song from Monty Python’s legendary movie “The Life of Brian” conveys with a lot of typical British humour the message to take life easier, even if things don’t go as we imagined and to always think positively. So purse your lips and whistle along!


Katy Perry has packed a lot of woman power into this song. The message is very clear: don’t be quiet as a mouse, don’t take any crap, but roar at it so that the whole world can hear you. Figuratively speaking 😉 Get a big portion of motivation and good mood with “Roar”!

FUN (FEAT. JANELLE MONÁE) – We are young

This song from 2012 captures it, this moment, this moment when you feel strong and invincible and believe that you can conquer the whole world. Whether as a love-, party- or good mood song, it simply works. 🙂


This song stands for a new beginning. To let go of the old, to shake off the old and set out for new shores. Just pack up, leave everything behind and go on a new adventure – this is the feeling of freedom Michael Patrick has conjured up in this great song.

DIE TOTEN HOSEN – Tage wie diese

Our German neighbours celebrate this song as a football anthem. For us, it is simply the joy of life cast in notes. In every line you can feel the mood of departure, the desire to celebrate life and, when it is most beautiful, to stop time. Let us look forward to times when we can turn night into day again, meet our friends and enjoy life in all its facets with good music.

We wish you much joy with our song selection. If you want to see more of them, click on Spotify, where we have collected more Happy Songs for you. And last but not least a quote from Friedrich Nietsche, which we can only agree to wholeheartedly and to which nothing more can be added: “Without music, life would be a mistake”.