Advent calendar filling for adults – small gifts, great joy

Ho, ho, ho… it’s almost that time of the year again! We are approaching December in giant steps and thus also the pre-Christmas season with all its joys and pitfalls. While some are longing for the holidays, in many of us they trigger not only positive feelings. Small tokens of appreciation can definitely help to spread joy – when giving gifts to loved ones as well as when receiving gifts yourself. Even as children we loved the countdown to Christmas Eve: getting up 24 times and scurrying straight to the Advent calendar to get sweets or small gifts from the little bags full of nice surprises. Day after day, wearing a smile on our lips because the pre-Christmas attentions make us happy and directly create anticipation for the next morning. Why not continue this wonderful tradition in adulthood? At the end of a stressful year, we all want to enjoy happy moments even more. So if you want to do something good for one of your loved ones and fill an Advent calendar, we have many ideas up our sleeves for you today that will make your eyes sparkle as a supplement to the obligatory sweets (which we all love anyway)!

Wellbeing & Cosmetics

Bath additive
Scented candle
Eye mask
Face mask
Nail polish
Lip care
Beard oil
Massage oil
Aroma oil for diffuser
Soap/Solid Shampoo
Pillow Spray
Hand cream
Room fragrance
Reusable cotton pads
Nail file
cleaning wipes

Culinary & Indulgence

Matcha powder or latte mix
Ginger shot
Piccolo/Craft Beer
Truffle chocolates
Drinking chocolate
Chocolate cream
Cupcake mix
Protein bars
liqueur or schnapps in miniature
winter syrup
antipasti in a glass
tonic water

What else is fun

Christmas tree ornament
Calendar for the new year
Lifestyle or trade magazine
Sudoku or puzzle pad
Calligraphy pens
Card game
Hip flask
Scrunchie or hair clip
headband, hood, gloves
socks, underwear
Iron-on patch