7 must haves in winter – What babies and children really need in the cold season

Even in the cold season, it is particularly important for babies and children to regularly get fresh air. It is very beneficial for the little ones and strengthens their immune systems. However, when the outside temperatures drop right down or perhaps your first winter holiday with little ones is upon you, many parents ask themselves what children really need in the winter and what you can perhaps confidently go without.

After almost 5 years of being a mum, I have experienced a few winters with a baby and toddler and today I want to introduce you to my 7 “must haves”  for the winter.


Several thin layers are warmer than one thick one: in closed rooms, it is warm, then icy cold again outside – with the onion look, you can take off and put on layers as needed. Children should wear long-sleeved bodysuits or long-sleeved shirts made of cotton or wool and silk as the first layer on the skin (depending on how cold it is). I am a big fan of the Scandinavian label Minimalisma. It uses only the best natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, and organic cotton and is very comfortable to wear on the skin. In Vienna you will find a wide selection at dotkind.


With babies and toddlers especially, attention should be paid to a cuddly warm pushchair. Especially when the little ones still sleep a lot in the car, it is especially important that the foot muffs are well lined, windproof, and waterproof. Lambskin foot muffs are especially recommended in winter, which are particularly popular due to their insulating properties: they keep little ones warm in winter and have a cooling function in summer.


In particularly frosty temperatures, you should protect the facial skin of your baby or child, which is much thinner than adults’ skin, with special “wind and weather” creams.  The fragrant balsam with a beeswax base from Alma Babycare nourishingly preserves and protects your child’s skin intensively on cold and damp days. Since it contains no water, no ice crystals can form on the skin.


Even if thick socks or sweet  lambskin booties are enough for your baby, it is still especially important for those learning to walk and toddlers to have warm and waterproof footwear. I’m a big fan of the lined gumboots from Tretorn and Bisgaard! The Tretorn gumboots are perfect for toddlers, as they are very easy to put on.


Hats and scarves are the perfect winter accessories to spice up any outfit. If it’s not that cold, we love the beanie hats from Gray Label and Musslin scarves from wayda, petit stellou, and proud baby. Everything comes in many cool colours! But if it is really cold, I would recommend woolen hats. Really exceptional models can be found at Van Beren and Oochi Poochi.


I think Walk overalls are especially awesome for babies! Beautiful and, above all, warm models made from organic merino wool can be found at Hess Natur, for example. For children 2 years and up, I find the following two outdoor labels practical, warm and beautiful: Mini A Ture from Copenhagen and the Austrian label DRAUSSEN!


Especially in cold temperatures, it is ideal if you can carry your baby directly against your body in a sling.  You should wear a warm jacket over the sling and the baby definitely needs a warm hat, as babies’ heads get cold first. Choosing the correct baby sling is of course a matter of taste. The new premium baby sling from the Berlin label Rookieis not only practical but also extremely stylish.


It’s important that your children don’t start sweating, of course! For babies and toddlers just regularly check their necks and if it is sweaty and warm you should take off a layer of clothing.

Especially with expensive winter clothes such as overalls, ski suits, or winter jackets, it pays to buy them on sale, possibly even “pre-buy” for the next season, because usually the items are cut in such a way that they fit for two seasons. And then maybe you can hand it down to a younger sibling 😉


This question is really difficult to answer and very individual, I think 😉

I could confidently go without the following three purchases: pushchair muffs (personally I’ve always found gloves are enough), a special carrier jacket (either buy a winter jacket one size bigger, or even better borrow your partner’s winter jacket 😉 baby & toddler gloves (putting gloves on babies is incredibly difficult! It is better to get a coverall with practical folding cuffs for warm hands and feet.