High-quality ingredients, sensual variety of flavors – vegan recipes to recreate

In line with World Vegan Day on November 1, we at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach have placed our culinary focus this month even more strongly on plant-based nutrition. In addition to this culinary delight, we offered an exciting program around the topic of ‘veganism’, which was equally suitable for open-minded newcomers and full-time vegans with its multifaceted nature.

The various cooking courses were particularly well-received, and we would like to share some of their recipes with you:

Vegetable ravioli

For the ravioli:

  • 200g soft wheat semolina
  • 100g durum wheat semolina
  • 150ml water
  • ½ tsp salt

For the filling:

  • 300g autumn vegetables (carrot, zucchini, celery, etc.).
  • 1 onion (small)
  • salt
  • black pepper (freshly ground)


For the ravioli, mix all the ingredients and knead with 150 ml of water to form a smooth dough. Form the dough into a ball, put it in a sealable container, and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, chop the autumn vegetables and onion very finely and fry them in a non-stick pan without oil until hot. Season with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, roll out the pasta dough very thinly and cut out 20 circles about 13 centimeters. Place 1 tbsp of the filling in the center of each circle, brush the edge with a little water, fold over and close tightly with a fork or finger.

Cook the ravioli in salted boiling water until al dente.

Mushroom risotto


  • 300g mushrooms mixed
  • 200g risotto rice
  • 2 shallots
  • 40g margarine
  • 100ml vegan white wine
  • 400ml vegetable broth
  • 50g vegan cheese
  • Chopped parsley
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Nutmeg


Clean and dice the mushrooms and set them aside.

Peel and finely chop the shallots and sauté 1 shallot in 1 tablespoon of margarine in a pot and briefly add the rice. Deglaze with white wine and add the vegetable stock. Cook the rice gently for about 12 minutes, stirring constantly, then remove the pot from the heat. Stir in the remaining margarine and the vegan cheese.

Heat the olive oil in the pan, add the second shallot and sauté the mushrooms in it for about 3 min. Fold the mushrooms into the risotto, season everything with salt, nutmeg, and pepper and sprinkle with the chopped parsley.

vegan Brownies


  • 500g flour
  • 400g powdered sugar
  • 12g baking powder
  • 130g cocoa powder
  • 180g water
  • 200g oil
  • 180g maple syrup
  • 70g chopped chocolate coating


Mix dry ingredients with liquid ingredients. Spread the mixture in a 25x30cm baking pan with a removable frame. Spread the chocolate coating and bake at 168°C for 20 minutes.

Good luck with the re-cooking and bon appétit!

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