Eggs Benedict – Falkensteiner Style

Leonie Rocek
Leonie Rocek
Airliner-Kind, das Reisen wurde ihr bereits in die Wiege gelegt. Das letzte Abenteuer ist noch nicht lange her, steht das Nächste bereits in Planung. Fremde Kulturen entdeckt sie am liebsten über die Kulinarik und vergisst auch nie die essbaren Souvenirs. Zuhause ist Kochen die große Leidenschaft, Essen ihre Love Language und Backen bedeutet sowohl Meditation als auch kreatives Austoben. Wenn sie gerade nicht unterwegs ist, oder in der Küche steht, powert sie sich beim Krafttraining aus, liest einen spannenden Krimi, oder dreht eine Laufrunde in der Natur – am Liebsten in Begleitung der Familienhündinnen Mimi und Greta.

Breakfast at a hotel is something very special – pure indulgence and delicacies that are rarely available at home. In our Falkensteiner Hotels, we always serve a big meal, because culinary delights are particularly close to our hearts. Numerous business trips (and a few private stays too) have made us self-proclaimed breakfast professionals and, above all, passionate Eggs Benedict testers. Eggs Benedict, traditionally poached eggs on toasted bread or English muffins with a slice of ham and hollandaise sauce, is a speciality in some of our hotels and should not be missing from any holiday breakfast table. To give you a foretaste of the next legendary Falkensteiner breakfast, I would like to introduce you to our hotels’ special versions of Eggs Benedict. Enjoy your meal!

Eggs Benedict served fresh in Prague:

Eggs Benedict at the Falkensteiner Hotel Prague has three special ingredients: the bread, the sauce, and the perfectly cooked eggs. In contrast to the original version of the recipe, English muffins are not used for the bread. Instead, they use homemade brioche, whose butter and milk dough is the perfect base for the dish. The hollandaise sauce also has a little twist. In Prague, very fruity and aromatic cider vinegar is used and a few drops of elderberry syrup are not to be missed in the sauce.

This creates the perfect balance between acidity, sweetness, and salt. Last but not least, it all depends on the perfectly cooked egg: only when the yolk really runs out of the egg when you cut it do you have a successful Eggs Benedict in Prague.

The *perfect* Eggs Benedict served at Kronplatz:

“Although perfection is hard to achieve, I would say that these Eggs Benedict are truly fantastic!” When the sous chef of the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz says it personally, you can trust him. Homemade toasted brioche buns and sautéed spinach with a drizzle of garlic oil. Add to this freshly cooked eggs with a deliciously runny yolk and a hollandaise espuma sauce – a lighter version of the classic and usually heavy hollandaise sauce – and you have the perfect eggs benedict. If you’re still in any doubt, try it for yourself!

Imperial Eggs Benedict from Mariánské Lázně

The imperial and royal history of Mariánské Lázně is also reflected in our favourite breakfast dish at the Falkensteiner Spa Resort in Mariánské Lázně. The Imperial Roll, toasted in butter, is a must. It is topped with fresh baby spinach, and tossed in butter with shallots. Prague ham, also roasted, and eggs poached in salted vinegar water for exactly four minutes complete the recipe, together with the hollandaise sauce. A little decoration and the Mariánské Lázně eggs Benedict is ready. Enjoy!

Trendsetter Eggs Benedict in Belgrade:

Can’t decide between avocado toast, smoked salmon, and Eggs Benedict? No problem, because at the Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade, you will be served a combination of both wonderful dishes. Freshly toasted bread is topped with a creamy avocado puree. Smoked salmon gives the breakfast that extra something. The avocado salmon toast is served with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. An all-around breakfast for the trendy gourmet.

Eggs Benedict with love from Velden:

The original English muffin is, of course, homemade at the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden. The poached eggs are organic from Magdalensberg and the ham is of the finest quality from the Höllerschmid butcher’s. The hollandaise sauce is always freshly whipped.

The most important ingredient is still the love with which this dish is prepared every morning. This is particularly popular in the summer when around 100 portions of fresh Eggs Benedict are served every day.

We hope that you have now acquired a taste for Falkensteiner Eggs Benedict and will enjoy your next breakfast on your Falkensteiner holiday. By the way, breakfast is now included in all our City Hotels when you book directly through our website. Find out more: Direct Booking Benefits | Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences

Enjoy it!

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