Valentine’s Day: DIY gift ideas

Julia Lorber
Julia Lorber
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While we all agree that love is the most beautiful feeling on earth, Valentine’s Day divides opinions year after year. Some love February 14 for its romantic significance, while others have to fight the pink heart cuddle mania almost against nausea. Day of love or consumer terror? American at heart or rather Austrian grumpy? Of course, amore should ideally be lived daily, but as it happens in everyday life – between work stress, trash TV, and too much time on Instagram – even the truest romance sometimes gets pushed into the background.

So why not use Valentine’s Day to remind yourself once again how damn lucky you are to be loved and to love back? Whether it’s a love letter, your sweetheart’s favorite dessert, or an apartment full of roses and candles, everyone has their own Love Language and it’s wonderful to make use of it, right?

To help you out with some ideas, we’ve taken a look at Pinterest and collected some DIY gift inspiration that will give your loved one heart palpitations and yourself some bonus points 😉

These small romancy love gifts are super to prepare even last minute:

1.) Homemade fortune cookies with Love Notes inside.
2.) A scrapbook photo album with your personal memories
3.) Customized floral paper for a mini bouquet
4.) A screw-top jar full of anecdotes, affirmations, declarations of love…
5.) Fancy homemade popcorn mix
6.) Personalized Duplo bars
7.) Homemade compliments bath bombs
8.) Your own Love Playlist

(c) Cover photo: The Dogwood Collective

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