Up & Down: Mindful Hiking

From easy forest paths to demanding mountain walking: Hiking is such a versatile and varied activity that it is becoming increasingly popular as an outdoor activity. But when we go hiking, we often stomp along in a dull, dull manner, always following the eternal “faster, further, higher” of the meritocracy. At the same time, one can get much more out of nature and oneself through conscious hiking, only if one stops for a moment and gets involved in a unique environment. How this works, I will explain to you:

Stop before you start

Reaching the hut and the deserved snack that followed was for a long time the goal of my hikes. With a backpack on your back and far away from any civilization – the feeling of freedom and wanderlust overcomes you quickly and quickly, you have already reached the top – without even knowing exactly how. Today I see the whole thing with different eyes and consciously hike through the ever-changing scenery. Switch off and come to rest.

Standing still and consciously perceiving the surroundings with all senses not only calms our stimulus-flooded everyday life but also relaxes and brings us down again – physically and mentally. Because spending time in nature has healing powers. Being in the great outdoors increases our well-being, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, boosts our creativity, helps against fatigue and increases our ability to think.

Activate all senses

Conscious hiking requires the conscious use of all senses. Starting with hearing & seeing: enjoy a few moments of silence and turn 360 degrees around your own axis. Look up and down. Which sounds can you perceive? Just let the sounds come towards you: perceive the rustle of the wind in the trees; the murmur of the birds; the voices of other hikers in the distance.

Feeling and smelling also play a particularly important role in conscious hiking. Let smells come to you (patience is the key here). They can be very subtle and difficult to detect, but after a certain time, you can also perceive them very well. Feel the warm sunrays on your skin or the cool breeze in your hair. Pause, close your eyes and perceive every effect from the outside. Flowing waters, tall grasses and trees: feel your way through the walk and consciously feel nature. You can save the last sense, the sense of taste, for the well-deserved snack 😉

Conscious hiking works wonders and creates a balance to our high-speed lifestyle. The need for relaxed descent and deceleration is growing and is often found in nature. The decelerating rhythm of hiking helps us to find ourselves step by step and to perceive ourselves and our environment consciously and calmly.

The two hiking regions Nassfeld and Katschberg offer the best conditions for conscious hiking. The Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Carinzia am Nassfeld and the Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg are ideally suited as starting points for many hiking trails where you can focus on mindful hiking and experience nature more intensively.

Tauche ein und finde...

Dive in and find...