Travel Horoscope 2023: Pisces – relaxed change

2023 is only a few weeks old, but it feels like so much has already happened in the last few weeks. The year is already in full swing – and definitely also brings new adventures. The emotional Pisces with its hippie soul is longing for something new. Almost always in a good mood and cheerful, the day is his playground and always offers new chances and opportunities. So in February and March, you will find out how, where and with whom Pisces should best spend their holidays:

First Things First – the characteristics of Pisces

STRENGTHS: The classic Pisces always has an open door and thus advice for the concerns of others. Sensitive, helpful & selfless, the Pisces would do almost anything for those around him. Being sociable, experimental & charming, the water sign loves activities with others but needs his sensitive & sentimental alone time to recharge batteries.

WEAKNESSES: Despite a constant search for the meaning of life, the Pisces is often stopped by inner fears due to a lack of plan, chaos & discipline. He avoids arguments & is easily influenced by the opinions of others.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Pisces is simply elusive, all those who have tried to really understand him can tell you a thing or two about it.

His motto: “I feel connected to everything! I believe!” The typical Pisces is more sensitive and vulnerable than he would like and likes to use the trick of diving down as self-protection. Artistic activities are particularly suited to Pisces, as he is a sensitive and imaginative person.

As a native Pisces, I can only say: It’s all very relatable… maybe there is some truth in astrology after all! 🐟

The HOW?

Why & how does the fish travel in 2023? So what does the perfect holiday look like? In order for the zodiac sign to start the travel year with more strength, inner peace, and serenity, decelerating travel destinations with that certain something extra and numerous possibilities for variety are particularly suitable. Whether for a short trip, a winter getaway, or a long-distance trip.

The WHO?

The perfect travel companion is the star sign Scorpio, due to its empathy and security. For hikes and other adventures in nature, however, Capricorn lends itself just as well.


Now for the nitty gritty. So where should the Pisces travel to also experience their ideal holiday? Alone in a city, with the whole family in the mountains, or with your better half in a wellness hotel? We have put together the top 5 destinations for 2023:

Venice & Jesolo/Italy [Short Trip]: The perfect surprise for the fish? A short trip to the Mediterranean. Venice & Jesolo offers the perfect combination of relaxation, culture & Venetian romance for this. The Italian beauty is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Glide along the canals in a gondola and enjoy the views of the historic city. To balance out the hectic sightseeing, spend some relaxing time on the beach in Jesolo. Nostalgia tip: Relax in the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo with the new outdoor sauna overlooking the sea.

Red Sea/Egypt [Summer Holiday]: Fish love the colorful underwater world. So the diving or snorkeling hot spot on the Red Sea in Egypt. With the local hospitality & the impressive biodiversity in the water, you can easily leave the stress and worries of everyday life behind.

Kerala Backwaters/India [Long Distance]: One of the most fascinating areas in South India, the Kerala Backwaters. A special highlight for all fishes should be the tour by houseboat through the narrow canals of the backwaters & which leaves you in awe. A must on every bucket list!

Northern Lights in Iceland [Winter Destination]: Iceland, is a breathtaking winter wonderland: thrilling ice sculptures created from frozen waterfalls, steaming hot springs, or warm lagoons that chase the cold out of your bones. The rather short days are followed at night by the celestial spectacle of the aurora borealis (northern lights).

Zadar [City Trip]: As romantics, Pisces loves to lose your heart to a new place & soak up the culture. So how about a more unusual city break to Zadar in 2023? – Zadar probably doesn’t immediately conjure up the association of a city destination for everyone. However, there are many unique things to discover here. The monotonous maze of alleys in Zadar leads visitors to the sea organ. Here, the waves of the Croatian Adriatic compose the music. The steps invite you to linger in a relaxed atmosphere that is good for fish. Advantage: not far from Zadar is also the Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala

My conclusion:

Also in 2023, the element water plays a decisive role for the fish – as in summer, so in winter. The proximity to the sea, the vastness, the tranquillity & the variety, are wonderful. These destinations have definitely made it onto my bucket list. Curious too?

Tauche ein und finde...

Dive in and find...