Travel Horoscope 2023: Leo

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Self-confident, generous, creative, likes to be the centre of attention – well, do you recognise yourselves, dear Leo-born?

The star sign Leo (23 July to 23 August) has a number of wonderful characteristics. As the cliché goes, Leo is a dazzling creature who loves to be admired and never shies away from the spotlight. Political celebrities such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton seem to confirm this, as does, it seems, half of Hollywood. Whether Madonna, Mick Jagger, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock or Whitney Houston – the list of exceptionally gifted Leo-born people is long and can also be found in real life. Lions are often found at the top of companies, in the artistic field or on the stages of this world. The Leo draws its life energy from the fire sign and the planet of this zodiac sign is none other than the Sun.

So, Leo likes to be admired, but they also love to be needed by others and to be able to shine with their expertise. They are strong-willed, like to lead well, are energetic, courageous and full of passion. In addition, these flamboyant creatures have an open and loyal heart and are creatively inclined and competitive. So what does this insight into the lion’s soul tell us about the travelling behaviour of these kings?


1.) Palace of Versailles, France. 2.) Taj Mahal, India. 3.) Petra, Jordan. Magnificent estates, opulence as far as the eye can see, faraway destinations and priceless art – you’ll feel right at home. Louis the 14th was called the Sun God for a reason, you should be magically drawn to such stunning castles, sprawling grounds or even impressive excavations of times gone by, at least according to the sign of the zodiac. 4) Broadway, NYC. Yes, I know – the Big Apple is made up of many neighbourhoods, each with its own advantages. So why exactly is this busy place? Because Leo-born people, by their very nature, feel right at home in the extravagant world of theatre. You belong on the boards of this world! Okay, maybe you just want to watch it from the audience. In any case, many of you have a keen interest in art and production. The big stage attracts you just as much as small karaoke bars or stand-up comedy venues. 5) Velden am Wörthersee, Carinthia. Your holiday destinations are as diverse as you are. From France to India, on to Jordan, then to America and finally you end up in Austrian Carinthia. What a wild ride! Admittedly: At first glance, the similarities are limited, but Velden also fits you like a glove. Pure luxury awaits you at the Schlosshotel, just the right touch of extravagance for your holiday. Architectural highlights meet works of art, culture awaits you at every turn and the credo of the little promenade town is ‘see and be seen’. Take a boat across the glittering lake, stop off at the casino, enjoy gourmet cuisine and have your own programme tailored to you by the Experience Concierge – this is how you can live, dear Leo! (c) Unsplash, Falkensteiner

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