Top 5 Beach Gadgets 2021

Summer is probably the most beautiful season – warm and long days, lots of outdoor exercises and what can not be missing? The perfect beach gadgets! The exact purpose of the use is not important at first; the main thing is that the gadget makes the warm days more bearable, exciting, and fun. We have taken a closer look at 5 of these gadgets for you:


At the moment there is a real hype on the trend sport spikeball. No matter in which parks or on which beach you look, everywhere spikeball is played. It is especially popular because it is space-saving and very easy to play for young and old.

Basically, spikeball works relatively similar to volleyball in terms of rules. There are two teams with two players each.

The goal is to pass the ball onto the net on the ground in such a way that the opposing team cannot catch it and pass it back. All kinds of ball touches are allowed, but the ball may only be passed on three times per turn in the respective team.

RRP: from approx. 20€

Portable cooling

If you just want to pull out all the stops in your quest for cooling down, you can also cool off with a portable neck fan. The neck fan simply wears around your neck, leaving your hands free for other activities. 3 different speed settings provide a pleasant coolness around the head and neck area in all positions. The built-in rechargeable battery can be charged via USB cable and keeps you cool for between 4 and 9 hours, depending on the operating strength.

RRP: around 40€

© Hammacher Schlemmer & Company, Inc

Beachgoer’s Reading Room

It’s often like a jinx: the sun finally comes out from behind the clouds in summer, but it’s so blinding when you’re chilling on the beach that you can’t see anything on your cell phone, e-reader, or even the pages of your book. The sun visor “The Beachgoer’s Reading Room” provides a remedy: The ingenious thing about the beach gadget is that it has built-in compartments in which tablet and co. can be comfortably stored. So you can even read comfortably while lying down and are no longer disturbed by the sun!

RRP: around 130€


Towels, swim trunks/bikini, sunscreen, sunglasses, and of course smartphone with music on it, let the beach bag quickly burst at the seams. So it’s nice to have one less thing to lug around. “Zungle” promises just that: the beach gadget combines stylish sunglasses with bone-conducting headphones that play your music via Bluetooth directly through the nose frame. You can even make phone calls with the smart wearable. Simply ingenious and perfect for beach vacations.

RRP: around 128€

© zungle_inc

Wine peg set

If you like it romantic, you will like this set. Three pegs hold a wine/champagne bottle and two glasses securely in the sand. Ideal for a sip of bubbly in between to moisten a dry throat. The stainless steel is sturdy and great for outdoor use.

PS: What works on the picnic meadow, works at least as well on the beach 🙂

RRP: around 15€

Well, is there something for you here? Have fun trying out the new beach gadgets 2021 and a nice, fun summer! 🙂

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