The diverse mountain world around the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming

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Theresa Groiss
Liebt es zwischen aufregenden Wiener-Stadtmomenten und erholsamen Auszeiten im Salzkammergut zu pendeln. Immer mit dabei: der passende Snack für zwischendurch. Egal ob für eine sportliche Skitour in den Österreichischen Bergen oder bei einem sonnigen Badetag an der Wiener-Donau.
Before the first snowflakes dance from the sky down to the valley, nature around the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming shows its mystical side. Our Experience Concierge Daniel Egger knows the area and its magical places like no other and takes you on a journey through the most beautiful corners of the Schladming mountains: a mixture of family hikes, sporty runs, and a little Advent magic – for the time before the ski slopes roll out their freshly prepared carpets.
Up, up to Lake Styria “Steirischer Bodensee”
Difficulty: easy When the first rays of sunlight softly peek through the blanket of fog and make the dew glisten, then it’s time for a leisurely walk on which even four-legged companions get their money’s worth.
The “Steirische Bodensee” is a mountain lake that can only be reached on foot. The picturesque landscape around the lake can be reached in about 20 minutes from the car park in the Seewig valley. The flat path leads along a small stream to the dark green lake. What follows are picture-book moments: The alpine landscape finds its highlight in the waterfall above Lake Styria. If you walk around Lake Styria from the western shore to the south, the view of the rushing waterfall is at its best. The walk around the lake takes about 45 minutes. But be sure to allow a little more time for consciously taking in the surrounding mountain world 😉 HARD FACTS: Kilometre: 3 kilometres Walking time: 1 hour Technique: 2 out of 6 Fitness: 2 out of 6 Landscape: 5 from 6
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Trailrunning on the Dachstein circuit
Difficulty: medium For those who wake up in the morning, feel a tingling in their toes, and want to power up before a soothing SPA treatment, there is a trail running tour towards the Dachstein. Starting from the hotel, the route starts on the Birnberg on the south side of the Dachstein. Those who want to book sunshine as a small, personal companion while running on a sunny November day will find it here on the south side. Because the tour leads directly across sunny plateaus between Birnberg and Sattelberg. From here there is a promising view of the ski mountains of the Schladming 4-Mountain Ski Area.
Afterwards, the sporty route continues towards Sattelberg and Sattelberghütte. Once there, the trail run leads back to the hotel and to an alpine time-out in the Acquapura SPA. HARD FACTS: Kilometre: approx. 13 kilometres Running time: approx. 1.5 hour Technique: 4 out of 6 Fitness: 4 out of 6 Landscape: 5 from 6
Challenging full-day hike on the Höchstein with insider tips
Difficulty: difficult The tour up the Höchstein is a year-round favorite of Experience Concierge Daniel Egger. That’s why we don’t want to tell you too much. Daniel Egger prefers to reveal the insider tips for the tour to you personally during a cozy conversation in the hotel.
However, this much can be revealed in advance: A start in the morning hours pays off. The tour towards the Moaralmsee and then along the signposted path to the challenging summit ridge offers the potential for breathtaking views. However, the hike should only be started in dry conditions and good weather. Alpine knowledge, fitness, and surefootedness are important. HARD FACTS: Kilometers: approx. 16km Walking time: approx. 7-8 hours Technique: 6 out of 6 Condition: 6 out of 6 Landscape: 6 from 6
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Advent atmosphere in the Talbachklamm gorge
Difficulty: easy Admittedly, when the Advent magic in the Talbachklamm opens its gates, the first snowflakes may already be dancing from the sky.
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The Talbachklamm is a small, idyllic hiking trail at the foot of Schladming’s town center, not far from the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming. During Advent, the hiking trail along the roaring stream is framed with magical light shows on two Advent Saturdays (25.11.2022 and 10.12.2022). But even without light effects, the wildly romantic path is recommendable. Along the Talbachgasse, turn left at the end into the Talbachklamm gorge. A few steps later, the untamed stream can be observed from a viewing platform. The trail continues along the rushing waters before returning along the same path to the starting point in the village of Untertal. HARD FACTS (Starting point Kraiter car park) Kilometre: 3 kilometres Walking time: 45 minutes (Starting point hotel) Kilometre: 4 kilometres Walking time: 1 hour
Technique: 2 from 6 Condition: 1 from 6 Landscape: 5 from 6
Well-deserved rest and hospitality
It has been shown: Even in the time between swimming fun and the first carving turn of the ski season, there are many things to experience in the surroundings. So it’s all the nicer when you know that the well-deserved rest can be made up for at the end of the day in a pleasant atmosphere and with lots of hospitality at the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming.
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