Taurus in Wanderlust – Travel Horoscope for 2022

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The end of April, where nature comes to life, where everything grows and thrives, and where flowers and shrubs blossom. This is exactly the time of our zodiac sign the Taurus, which lasts from April 20 to May 20.
Character – to be enjoyed with caution
“April does what it wants!” This is exactly how you can describe the character traits of the zodiac sign. The stubbornness and the irritable nature, but then still the loving and helpful manner. Taureans are like nature in spring, simply multifaceted and lovable! Strengths: loyal, faithful, nurturing, caring, responsible, solid, organized, arranged, sociable, athletic, family-oriented, friendly, trusting, honest, steady, sensual, creative, helpful, receptive, persistent, balanced, protective, patient, enjoyable, nature-loving, realistic, sensitive, careful, content. Weaknesses: annoying, stubborn, bitchy, unable to take criticism, inflexible, unyielding, irritable, fanaticism, jealous, stubborn, picky, comfortable, possessive, self-willed, narrow-minded, intolerant, suspicious, envious, sluggish. Characteristics: The friendly nature of the bull is basically a very positive trait, but this is often exploited by too much trust and can then quickly lead to problems. If a bull is irritated or if you criticize him, it is best not to enter into a discussion and wait until he has calmed down again. Nevertheless, he is very loyal, and when friends or family need help, he will always stand by and put his own interests in the background.
Top 5 vacation spots where Taurus feels animalistic
Bulgaria: Bulgaria makes the heart of every Taurus beat faster. The vacation resort at the Black Sea offers Gold Beach and Sunny Beach also a lot of other facets. In the variety of nature every Taurus vacationer feels immediately at home with his love for plants and fauna, but also the feeling of sociability can be found in many small, cozy bars, and whoever wants more is absolutely right at the unforgettable parties on the Gold Beach. Definitely, a vacation destination to have on your list. Crete: The popular Greek island of Crete leaves nothing to be desired. Fantastic coasts and bays, turquoise water, cultural highlights, and nice little towns through which you can stroll and store in the stores certainly one or the other beautiful piece of clothing. Crete offers various water and land sports, where you can get rid of the “bullish” energy to enjoy your vacation in total relaxation. Madrid: Within a short time in the capital of Spain you will be infected by Spanish flair. Walking along the artistic alleys, where on all sides the most beautiful facades stretch upwards, interspersed with green trees and bushes, there every born bull feels at home. Explore the city with many typical dishes, the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin, and a refreshing drink in your hand. From the Plaza Puerta del Sol to the magnificent Palacio Real where you fall into a true fairy tale world, everything can be found in this city so that you can experience a dreamlike vacation. To experience the charm of Madrid gives you the feeling of security, which you do not want to miss.
Philippines: Who hasn’t dreamed of soaking up the sun on the beach in the Philippines? The three island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao that make up the Philippine Islands offer unique beaches, sparkling blue waters, exciting walks, and impressive natural wonders. Boredom is guaranteed to be a foreign word here. Between the gorgeous backdrops on land and the colorful animal and plant life underwater, this vacation destination will leave you dreaming. Typical island-hopping allows you to explore the different facets of the Philippines. In addition, everything from small cottages to large luxury hotels is offered, where you can then find the time to deepen the many impressions and dream about it. Peru: The South American country of Peru is perfect for a dream vacation. There you can listen to the calming waves of the Pacific, the sporty among us can climb the Machu Picchu, the nature-loving can comb the rainforest, which occupies 60% of the country, or for those interested in history, the ruined city of Machu Picchu is a hot tip. However, it is advisable to adapt the vacation time to the weather conditions and not to vacation there just in the rainy seasons: The best month for it would be April!
The enjoyment of warmth, but also the closeness to nature of the zodiac sign Taurus is best seen in the top 5 travel destinations, although there are certainly many other great destinations for it. But the suitcases are ready so that as soon as the Reien is possible again, you can explore and enjoy the destinations. And who knows, maybe you will also in the blog post of the next zodiac sign a suitable travel destination because the Gemini also has a lot in store – but see for yourself in the next blog post on the travel horoscope Gemini. Have fun reading! 🙂

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