Must Haves for the summer: Beach Gadgets 2020

This summer will be hot! We think so. And what better way to do it than by the beach or by the pool? Of course, you can also just reserve a sunbed with a towel and lie on it all day long. Or you can grab some cool gadgets and turn a summer day into a fun day! In this article we have put together for you the 5 (+1) funniest, most practical and coolest beach gadgets:

Fatboy Lamzac – the inflatable beanbag

A beanbag on the beach? It’s too big to take with you. Not so Fat Boy at Lamzac It’s easy to fold and transport. You have surely seen a tutorial video of this great beach gadget. The inflating doesn’t work as elegantly as in most videos, but with a little practice, even that is no problem. Whether on the beach or comfortably at home in the garden – the beach bag invites you to chill out in the sun.

RRP: approx. 75€

The watermelon tap

In addition to beer, there are other refreshing drinks in summer, such as cocktails or various fruit bowls. Watermelons are particularly popular. To use the tap, you have to hollow out the watermelon first – who doesn’t like fresh and crunchy watermelon pieces in summer?! Then refill the hollowed melon with a drink of your choice. For example, with the contents of the melon mixed with crushed ice and a drop or two of alcohol. Aja, before you fill it up, just put the tap into the melon bowl – turn it on and enjoy!

RRP: from 25€

© Mogle
© Thumbs Up


What at first glance looks like a neon orange frisbee is at the next moment already a casual music amplifier. Sounds weird, but it’s true! The Fli-Tunes is made of rubber and can be pulled apart – if you are not using the device as a frisbee. When you put the smartphone inside, the rubber housing reflects the sound. Then nothing stands in the way of a beach party with good music. By the way, we also have the right music for your holiday. Click here!

RRP: approx. 12€

Inflatable BAR

Just because of its great name alone, the Inflatable Bar must be included in this list of best beach gadgets 2020! But also the features of the floating snack bar are not from bad parents:
The inflatable minibar has several cup holders for beer cans, glasses and bottles and you can even store snacks in it if the hunger in the water should become too big!

So that the whole work does not tip over at the end of the day, there is a few “ballast tanks” underneath, which you simply fill with water.

RRP: from 28€

© Perfect Pools

Fancy, colourful swimming tires

Whether flamingo or giant doughnut: summer will be colourful! These giant swimming tires are especially suitable for a relaxed day in the water and you will cut an extremely good figure. Unfortunately, the two gadgets are not easy to inflate, so you better get an air pump before you run out of air yourself.

The doughnut looks very tasty, but for a snack against hunger in between, you still have to take care of it yourself. But further down in the article there’s a gadget for it 😉

RRP: from 15€

© SanXingRui
© Aufun

Extra: Restube floating buoy

Surfing, snorkelling, swimming: Water sports in the sea or on the lake are fun, but not without danger – more than 370,000 people drown worldwide every year. Swimmers can stay afloat with a floating buoy in an emergency because the small bracelet Gadget (conveniently attached to the waistband of the bikini/swimming trunks) contains an air cushion. Those who can no longer hold on can pull a small lever. Then a CO2 capsule inflates the airbag and keeps the wearer on the surface.

RRP: approx. 75€ – as lifesaver: priceless

© Restube

Well, is there anything in here for you? Have fun trying out the new beach gadgets 2020 and have a nice, fun summer! 🙂

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