Movember in Mariánské Lázne

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Julia Lorber
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In the penultimate month of the year, dedicated men* around the world celebrate MOVEMBER. Made up of the words ‘mustache’ and ‘November’, this period stands for a particularly good cause: creating awareness for men’s* health issues.

The annual waxing of facial hair was created by the Movember Foundation to make a visible statement. The mustache, the charity’s symbol, has gone global in recent years – making a revival: back from the soccer fields of the 80s, the mustache is now the poster child for early detection of prostate and testicular cancer for a month, in addition to raising awareness of the issue of suicide in men. These three serious diseases, or causes of death, are prevalent globally and – with proper screening and treatment – can be prevented.

“The goal of Movember is to change the face of men’s health,” according to the association’s website. The initiators want to point out that regular check-ups can save lives, that indications of a potential disease can be found in the family history, and that a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on (men’s*) health. Since the first campaign in 2004, more than $837 million has been raised, which in turn has been used to implement more than 1,200 projects in 20 countries around the world.


We are particularly proud that this important theme has also found its way into Falkensteiner. With Reinhard Wall (right in the picture) and Vladimir Döme, Movember has received top-class support from Marienbad in the Czech Republic. General Manager and Resident Manager of the Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad have been wearing mustaches since the beginning of November – by now, at least 😉
Both have taken on the task of letting the whiskers sprout – and the result is something to be proud of!

Apart from the visible wearing of the ‘mustache’, Movember in Mariánské Lázne has left other, even more, important traces: In addition to the already existing preventive health packages for men, another program will be established starting in December, which is dedicated to the aftercare of cancer that has already been overcome. In a holistic way, convalescents are to find a new attitude to life through special treatments, good nutrition, exercise, and mental coaching.

Let’s all help together to protect ourselves and our loved ones – creating awareness of preventable diseases and dealing sensitively with issues surrounding physical and mental health provide an essential contribution to this!

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