Mindful vacation – Consciously relax on family vacation

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Petra Kurzmann
Liebt es zu Kochen und sagt nie nein zu Kaffee und Kuchen. Ordnungsverliebt und doch in ihrem eigenem Chaos daheim, gibt es für die Weinviertlerin nichts Schöneres als ihren nächsten Urlaub zu planen. Ob Stadt, Berg oder Meer jede Destination hat für sie ihren Reiz. Und ist sie doch mal zuhause, lässt sie ihre Abende gerne mit einem Buch und einem Glas Wein ausklingen.

Stress at work, household, children’s birthdays, and quite a few things that are on the to-do list. So the next vacation comes just in time. But as soon as you arrive, you don’t really want to relax on vacation either, and you ask yourself, what was that about mindfulness again?

Mindfulness – Paying attention to yourself

Mindfulness has been on everyone’s lips for some years now and has become a real lifestyle trend. In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that a mindful lifestyle has a lasting effect on positive well-being.
Pressure to perform, stress, worries, and the feeling of being constantly evaluated, whether at work or in private life, cost energy and take a mental toll. This is where the concept of mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness basically means to pay attention to oneself, as well as to one’s surroundings. Mindfulness stands for enjoying the moment without judging individual things. Often small exercises are enough in everyday life, where you take time for a short moment, concentrate on your breath, and consciously take a break.

Out of the daily routine, into the vacation

Whether it’s a short weekend trip, an active vacation, or just lazing around. Vacations are the perfect break from everyday life. Traveling allows us to discover new things, recharge our batteries and make memories that will last a lifetime. After all, it’s not called traveling makes you happy for nothing.
Especially for families, vacation also means more time together. Time for shared experiences away from the daily routine. But traveling with child and children can quickly become exhausting. That’s why it’s all the more important for parents to give mindfulness its space on vacation:

  • Seeing the world through children’s eyes:

Children have their own view of their surroundings and notice many things that adults pass by in everyday life. Traveling offers the perfect opportunity to slow down your own everyday pace and take on the children’s perspective and enjoy the here and now. Right away, the mountains seem even more imposing, the sea shimmers even bluer and the air becomes even clearer.

  • Me Time:

Even during family vacations, don’t forget about Me Time, time that you really have just for yourself. These moments help to promote your own well-being and bring back new energy. Short walks or a visit to the wellness area, including a sauna infusion, are particularly suitable for this.

  • Say goodbye to perfectionism:

The vacation has been booked for weeks and the sightseeing program is defined. After all, we want to get everything out of the short time available for a perfect family vacation. But it’s precisely this perfectionism that can quickly turn vacation lust into vacation frustration. The kids don’t feel like going to the third museum, the weather isn’t quite right and someone’s eyes are always closed in the family photos. Here it helps to press the imaginary stop button and take a breath. After all, it’s not about being able to tell what you haven’t seen and about the perfectly posed vacation photos. It’s the little moments, like eating ice cream together, that stay with you forever, bring a smile to your face and give you positive energy for everyday life.

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