In Bad Leonfelden lies the power: To a yoga retreat with Sandra König

Calmness, balance, and inner strength: Those who know Sandra König’s fields of occupation know that these attributes can be attributed to her on the one hand, but on the other hand they do not come from nowhere. The Viennese, in addition to her professional work also a mother of two and known among other things as a radio and television presenter and book author, has been practicing yoga for 18 years and in this way finds the necessary balance and strength to “float” through her busy everyday life. At the beginning of February, we had the pleasure of welcoming Sandra König to our Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden: At her yoga retreat, the operator of her own studio in Klosterneuburg ( also allowed the enthusiastic participants to share in her balanced passion.

Strengthened through the winter

In the midst of the idyllic hilly landscape of the Mühlviertel, the view likes to wander off: With the approximately 2,500m2 Acquapura SPA including water worlds and sauna areas, the Hotel & Spa in Bad Leonfelden offers from the outset the best conditions to escape from everyday life and concentrate on the essentials: your own well-being. And it was precisely this self-care aspect that Sandra König focused on during her retreat: with gentle yoga units, meditation, and breathing exercises, the participants were brought into a dynamic flow and their souls to dangle. Working muscles improved blood circulation and the pleasant feeling of gently stimulating one’s own body was the declared objective of the three-day retreat. Particularly in the cold and dark season, in which many of us know the sunlight only from the hearsay and during the day at the most from artificial light can feed, humans are exposed often defenseless to the adversities of the weather. With sophisticated yoga and meditation exercises for the body and mind, the natural barrier can be strengthened.
Refueling warmth and strength for the long term If you are wondering where Sandra König gets the energy for her professional and private challenges, a retreat like the one in Bad Leonfelden is highly recommended. Those interested in a feel-good moment will find inspiring possibilities on this page to strengthen themselves from the outside as well as from the inside and thus to master everyday life in a good mood and strengthened in the long term.
Namasté and thank you for the beautiful retreat, Sandra!

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