Falkensteiner Destination Tips, Part 2: Calabria: Three climate zones and much more to discover

Calabria, in the south of Italy, is highly recognisable on several levels: on the one hand, the region occupies the figurative tip of the Italian “boot” and is thus familiar even to geography novices. On the other hand, the region is characterised by its diverse flora and fauna; there are three climate zones from the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west to the Ionian Sea in the east. In the second part of our reading tour of destination tips around our hotels & residences, we would therefore like to introduce you to the “must do’s” of the southernmost region of the Italian mainland – off the beaten track and not be found in every travel guide. We have obtained support “on the ground”: Giulio Belsito has been responsible for communications and marketing at Falkensteiner in Italy since 2020 as Communications Manager Italy in Milan.
Surfing Calabria
Connoisseurs and those interested in geography know: The Italian mainland is surrounded by water in both the west and the east. Consequently, the sea plays a major role in the organisation of leisure activities in the region, and Calabria is no exception: “On the instep of the boot, i.e. on the west coast of Calabria, is the coastal resort of Gizzeria Lido. Here, adventure seekers and water rats will find the best conditions for kitesurfing.”
The place is so popular with kitesurfers that it even hosted a stage of the 2019 Kitesurf World Cup. “In recent years, it has become quieter again around Gizzeria Lido. In any case, there are beautiful wide beaches and places like Hang Loose Beach, where you can enjoy great service on the beach all day long and kitesurfing lessons led by true professionals. An absolute tip if you’re in the area!”
Calabria’s mountains: Unknown beauty
Calabria is undoubtedly known first and foremost for its sea. Not everyone knows, however, that the mountains in the region also offer great diversity: “Calabria is home to three national parks and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Parco Nazionale della Sila. The Sila plateau is also home to many different lakes, the largest of which is Lago di Cecita: hidden at the end of an inconspicuous path, initiates will find a dreamy place that hardly anyone knows about – including a huge, white beach right on the lake. Here, peace-seekers have the feeling of being in an exotic place by the sea, when in reality you are in the mountains of Calabria. Here you can also admire some of the most beautiful sunsets ever.”
Skiing with a view of the sea
Another highlight awaits winter sports enthusiasts in the Aspromonte National Park: “In winter, you can ski in the village of Gambarie. There is a beautiful slope here with an incredible view of the Strait of Messina and Sicily. From the snow-covered woods and the slopes, you have an excellent view of the spectacular landscape you feel you’re driving towards, made up of islands and sea.”
*** Unspoilt landscapes, Mediterranean nature and shady pine forests near the beach and coast: In the heart of Calabria, the Falkensteiner Club Funimation Calabria makes eyes sparkle – for adults and children alike.

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