Do you speak vacation? – Helpful vacation phrases abroad

The summer vacation can come, with these phrases, you do not need to hide and can confidently go to your respective vacation country. Enjoy the sun, the mountains and/or the sea, indulge in culinary delights, live in the moment and dare to speak the local language!

Parli italiano?

“Sì, no, grazie & ciao – we all still get it, right? But how about we expand your vocabulary for your beloved Italian vacation with 7 more phrases that are guaranteed not to leave you out in the cold? “Vorrei” and “Veneziano Spritz, per favore!” are definitely among the phrases you’ll use most often, along with the following.

  • “Un tavolo per due, per favore” – A table for two, please.
  • “Parla inglese?” – Do you speak English?
  • “Come si chiama?” – What is your name?
  • “Quanto costa?” – “How much is it?”
  • “Potrei avere il conto, per favore?” – “Could I have the bill, please?”
  • “Dove si trova il bagno?” – “Where is the toilet located?”
  • “Posso avere altri asciugamani?” – Can I have more towels?
Vacation Croatian to go

Are you planning an unforgettable vacation in Croatia? Can you already smell the fried fish and the clear sea? So that you can communicate better on the spot, we have put together some useful vacation Croatian phrases for you:

  • “Dobar dan” – “Good day”
  • “Hvala” – “Thank you
  • “Molim” – “Please”
  • “Govorite li engleski?” – “Do you speak English?”
  • “Koliko košta?” – “How much does it cost?”
  • “Gdje je WC?” – “Where is the toilet?”
  • “Možete li mi pomoći?” – “Can you help me?”
Our favorite Vorarlberg dialect words
  • Wellaweag – however
  • Pfnitza – to sneeze
  • Mollback – an exclamation when you are surprised
  • Füdla – butt
  • Gsi – been / was
No Speckknedl. No Life. – Do you speak South Tyrolean?

Between German-Austrian and Italian culture… – we love it!

  • “Oschpele muggn” – exclamation of horror
  • Niggelan – typical South Tyrolean dessert made from yeast dough
    biber – cold
  • Af droht – be on your toes!
  • fahlts? – Is it still going on?
  • ament – maybe

To put what you have learned into practice, you can find our hotels in Croatia, Italy and Austria here!

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