A declaration of love for the snow

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Theresa Groiss
Liebt es zwischen aufregenden Wiener-Stadtmomenten und erholsamen Auszeiten im Salzkammergut zu pendeln. Immer mit dabei: der passende Snack für zwischendurch. Egal ob für eine sportliche Skitour in den Österreichischen Bergen oder bei einem sonnigen Badetag an der Wiener-Donau.

Too wet, too cold, too foggy? Where are they now, the facts to beat the clichéd winter blues? We bring them to you in the form of idyllic, wild winter experiences. Team Winter knows that the cold season is full of opportunities to discover nature in all its facets: from glistening snow to whistling snow flurries.

Declaration of love #1: Crunching in the snow

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported to a magical, snowy winter landscape. The sun makes the snow glisten, and you trudge through the crunching snow. Best of all, cross-country skiing with a great sense of freedom. You might think that there is little room for argument. However, experience has shown that Team Sommer won’t let you get away with it twice when it comes to giving you examples of what summer is all about.

That’s why we add some fluffy companions to the crunch of the snow. And no, we’re not talking about thermal gloves lined with soft cotton. We limit the space for counter-arguments with our four-legged friends, the alpacas. The Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon offers guided alpaca winter walks for the whole family. The walk quickly becomes a relaxing experience with a high satisfaction factor in the glittering winter landscape.

We dare to say: Even Team Summer won’t be able to resist 😉

A little insider’s tip: if you’re walking with alpacas in the Montafon (in Gaschurn, to be precise) along snow-covered forest paths and hear a buzzing in your ears as well as the crunching of the snow, then you’ve done it! Your four-legged companions will be happy to express their satisfaction with a happy buzz.

Declaration of love #2: Same old, same old, only more exciting

We’re going to get down to business and extend the mountain bike season into snowy February. That’s right: Mountain biking at Falkensteiner is also possible with snow under the tires. But let’s rewind and start at the beginning. When delicate snowflakes fall from the sky on a cold February Saturday, it’s really just a Saturday like any other, only cooler. Because winter is secretly inviting us to make the snowflakes dance again. And we love it.

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With an action-packed fatbike tour over freshly groomed slopes or snow-covered paths, it’s easy to stir up the snowflakes. Thanks to their twelve-centimetre thick tyres, fatbikes are perfectly suited to snow (at this point, Team Winter would like to take a dig at the statement “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”). So far, so good. So the Fatbikes have unpacked their winter clothes and invite you to discover a new sporty side of the wonderfully cold winter at the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming on prepared hiking and tobogganing trails as well as ski and toboggan runs. Afterwards, crawl into your hotel bed, feel your cheeks flush and warm up in the sauna. Just like summer, only more exciting.

Planning tip: Experience concierge Daniel Egger from the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming has joined the winter team and is happy to share his insider tips on the most adventurous winter routes and the best fatbike rentals.

Declaration of Love #3: The Wild Ride of the Snowflakes

What could be better than watching a day of untamed snowfall from your window? Admittedly, it reads more exciting than it will be. So let’s combine the spectacle with a situation familiar to winter fans. You know that feeling of excitement in the morning when you can see the snow-covered slopes through the crack in the hotel curtain and hear the last of the snow groomers?

A tingling sensation throughout your body, pulling you up the mountain with skis on your feet and letting you make sporty turns in the deep snow.

Snowflakes falling from the sky and snow cannons blasting you in the face in the midst of all the action will encourage you to enjoy a well-deserved reward after your sporting activities. What follows is a mountain spa experience to fall in love with. Explore the spa area, find your favourite window seat, and watch the whistling snow flurries. The rooftop pool at the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz is the latest place to get into a magical mood. Through a fine, steaming mist you can see the snow-covered mountain peaks and reminisce about your favourite winter experiences.

Winter experiences to get your heart racing

There is always something to do and experience in winter. Whether it is “quiet” or “wild”. So put on your moon boots and head out into the great winter world of Falkenstein before the sun does its annual to-do and we welcome spring with open arms.

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