The most beautiful ski tours in the Dolomites

The ingredients for a successful ski tour? Take a beautiful panorama, add an extra portion of variety from forests, altitudes, and slopes in all expositions. Mix it all with the high at the summit that awaits at the end of the ascent. And refine all this with spectacular descents.

Since ski tours are becoming more and more popular, we asked René Castagnaro, the Experience Concierge at the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz, about his favorite and best ski tours in the South Tyrolean Dolomites. Read for yourself which tours he recommends to you:

1) Sunrise ski tour on the Dürrenstein | approx. 2 hrs.

Difficulty: easy-medium

In order to experience this ski tour, you have to drive to the Braies Valley. From there you start your tour from Prato Piazza. This leads you via Steig. No. 40 uphill to the summit of the Dürrenstein. In the beginning, the terrain is slightly ascending, but towards the end, it gets steeper and steeper. In order to experience the breathtaking sunrise in all its glory, we recommend setting out early in the morning, around 06:00, with headlamps, in order to be at the summit in time for the natural spectacle. This tour is also feasible with mountain boots in less snowy conditions, but you should bring your own ice axes. Especially the last part before the summit is always slightly icy.

Absolute insider tip: At Christmas time you can observe a very special natural spectacle here: The sun rises exactly between the Große and the Westliche Zinne, then disappears behind the Westliche Zinne and then rises into the sky.

Hard Facts
  • Route: 8,8 km
  • Walking time: approx. 2 hours
  • Altitude difference: 840 m
  • Technique: ????????⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
  • Condition: ????????⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
  • Landscape: ????????????????????????

2) Ski tour on the Gabler | 2,5 – 3 hrs.

Difficulty: easy

From the starting point, the cleared parking lot on the Würzjoch pass road in the Aferertal valley, simply follow the closed Würzjoch pass road and thus the cross-country ski trail, which is groomed during the main season, to the Halsl hut (1860 m). Directly in front of the hut turn left (north) and hike through the valley towards the foot of the mountain. Along the summer path you go in a right-left combination up to an alpine road and some huts. Now go straight north across a clearing until you meet another wide path. On it, 100 m to the left into the open area with a hut. Turn sharp right here (sign: Dolomiten Panormaweg-Gableralm, nr. 14) and walk 80 m north along the fence, then you will find a path on the right through the forest. It crosses 300 m to the east into now finally open terrain (approx. 2030 m). Now always in a northerly basic direction up to an altitude of about 2400 m.

Then keep slightly to the left, reach the crest, and hike along with it to the northwest to the broad summit of the Gabler, where you will find a Hütterl (Gabler bivouac, slightly below the summit) and a large cross at the highest point.

While climbing, never forget to look at the surroundings and the landscape. The view of the Dolomites and especially of the Peitlerkofel is mega!

When you’ve had your fill at the summit, you can reward yourself at the end: The descent is an absolute dream thanks to the open terrain in good snow conditions!

Hard Facts
  • Route: approx. 11.0 km
  • Walking time: 2,5 – 3 hours
  • Altitude difference: 900 m
  • Technique: ????????⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
  • Condition: ????????⚪️⚪️⚪️
  • Landscape: ????????????????????⚪️

3) Ski tour from the Lavarella hut to Piz Lavarella | 4 – 4,5 hrs.

Difficulty: difficult

From the refuge, walk across the plain to the east to the Faneshütte and in hairpin bends to the Limojoch. Then walk west past the Limo lake, slightly descending to an old barracks building, and then continue downhill to the Groß – Fanesalm hut (2102 m). From the alpine hut, march southward through a shallow valley to the Tadegajoch. Here you turn right to the west into the wide high valley “Büsc da Stlü”, which is enclosed in the south by the Conturinesspitze and Taibunspitze, in the north by the Lavarella and the Parom.
In the beginning, you have to cross a steep step, which is best overcome on the right in a steep gully, and then, keeping to the right, go up over moderately steep terrain. Keeping to the right (north), you bypass the wide hollow with Lake Conturine on a wide rocky ledge. Keep going directly towards a dip between the southern ridge of the Lavarella and Zweischartenspitze. For a short time, it becomes flat and then it goes over a short steep slope into the hermitage (2885 m). Goes north over a steep slope to a ridge cut and in a short easy climb to the terrain shoulder southwest of the Lavarella. Somewhat exposed, it goes along narrow firn cutting to the summit.

Hard facts:
  • Route: 8,8 km
  • Walking time: 4 – 4,5 hrs.
  • Altitude difference: 1218 m
  • Technique: ????????????????????????
  • Condition: ????????????????????????
  • Landscape: ????????????????????????

4) Ski tour to the “großen Rosszahn” | ca. 3 hrs.

Difficulty: medium

If you are on vacation at the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz and are in the mood for a really cool, individual ski tour, then ask Experience Concierge René for exactly this tour to the big Rosszahn. This tour is René’s absolute favorite tour and therefore we don’t want to tell you too much about it. But: Due to the north-facing orientation, the powder snow lasts for a long time. The descent is accessible and skiable from several sides. And according to René’s statements “the absolute best descent he has ever made on a ski tour!”.

Hard Facts:
  • Route: 11.6 km
  • Walking time: approx. 3 hours
  • Altitude difference: 750 m
  • Technique: ????????????????⚪️⚪️
  • Condition: ????????????????⚪️⚪️
  • Landscape: ????????????????????⚪️

So if you now have a taste for it, there is only one thing left for us: Have fun ski touring and do not forget to enjoy the wonderful scenery 🙂

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