Why summer vacation at Nassfeld? – “The place to be” for your summer vacation: more than just hiking!

Nassfeld not only makes skiers’ hearts beat faster but also pulls out all the stops in summer! Here you can expect breathtaking mountains, activities that will get your pulse racing, and picturesque lakes that invite you to dream. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, summit climber or water lover, Nassfeld has the perfect summer program for everyone!

Explore the wild trails, conquer the peaks and enjoy the cool water. Nassfeld is the place to be for summer thrills and unforgettable experiences. What are you waiting for? Pack your spirit of adventure and rock the Alps with these tips:

Summer toboggan run – action and adrenaline kick for young and old.

Ready for a fast ride full of thrills? An unforgettable experience awaits you on the summer toboggan run “Pendolino” at Nassfeld. Whiz down the mountain on Carinthia’s longest toboggan run and feel the wind in your hair as you skillfully master the curves. This adventure offers plenty of action and guarantees adrenaline rushes for all ages!

Varied experiences in the Outdoor Park Nassfeld

Do you feel like a vertical challenge? The climbing park at Nassfeld offers various routes and difficulty levels for climbing enthusiasts. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced climber – via ferrata, caves and canyons with high rope elements like rope, net and bucket bridges await you! Our tip: A ride with the Flying Fox!

The alpine swing “Dondolo”: swinging fun on three levels

Experience the ultimate swinging fun on the alpine swing “Dondolo” at Nassfeld. Here you can let off steam on three different levels: Gentle (LOW), for a relaxed swinging motion. A bit more dynamic (MIDDLE), for an exciting ride that makes your heart beat faster. Or with full power (HIGH), including explosive rollovers, up to a height of 21 meters.

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Water sports at Lake Pressegg

Want to cool off? Only a short drive away from Nassfeld lies the idyllic Pressegger See. Here you can let off steam in the refreshing water, keep your balance while stand-up paddling, go pedal boating or simply relax on the shore and enjoy the sun. A perfect place to escape the summer heat and enjoy nature.


Whether river tubing, rafting, canyoning or kayaking – the Gail, the 122-kilometre-long river runs partly in a deep gorge and flows from Kötschach-Mauthen to Villach through flat valleys. All around forests, meadows and the beautiful alpine ridges of the Gailtal Alps. And promises absolute action!

The biggest swing in the Alps: an adrenaline kick that puts every bungee jump in the shade

Experience the highest swing in Europe under the 70 m high bridge in Podlanig/Lesachtal!

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