Sea or Mountains

The answer to one of the biggest dilemmas of Italians can divide or unite, and it can do so irreparably. There are couples who have founded their love on sharing…

5 cool outdoor/hiking gadgets

Small, but nice! So or something like that could be the motto for this blog post. Because often it is the little things in life that make our (outdoor) everyday…

What motivates us to travel?

For some people traveling is a reward, for others a necessity, for others still a way of life. Setting out on foot, on two or four wheels, on a boat,…


Today, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40-day Christian fasting period until Easter. Even if nowadays it is less for religious reasons, many people take the opportunity to fast….

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

For newlyweds, there is hardly an event that is more important than Valentine’s Day. Today is that time again and flowers, chocolates, and chocolate change hands all over the world….