Countdown in the permaculture garden

Our permaculture garden has already provided a great harvest in the first year. Wonderful, fresh food, which was lovingly prepared for our guests in the hotel kitchen, could be harvested….

Colleagues, let’s eat! Part 3

As promised in our second part, there is something from the sea at today’s Mochi-Monday at Falkensteiner. Namely a great fish dish, which is absolutely suitable for office lunch breaks….

Colleagues, let’s eat! Part 2

Today we make it easy and green at the lunch table. We become Popeye, the spinach devouring sailor, and start the new office week full of energy! The really easy-making…

Colleagues, let’s eat!

Who does not know this – the everyday question from Monday to Friday among colleagues: “And, what are we going to eat for lunch today? 5 days a week we…

Nature parks in Croatia: Vrana (lake)

Who thinks of turquoise sea and idyllic bays, Croatia immediately comes to mind. However, the country is not only the perfect destination for a relaxing beach vacation, but also rich…