Crossfit – challenge yourself

Hotel Park Punat

Romanian Deadlift, Devils Press & Bodyblaster – these three exercises have two things in common. Numero Uno: they sound like “sporty passing away” and intense muscle soreness afterward. Numero Due: they are exercises that find their use in Crossfit. Crossfit is this kind of training method that allows you to always push yourself to your limits and constantly improve your skills. Definitely not made for everyone. As my grandma would say, “Only the tough get into the garden!”. Since the trend originating in America has also settled in our latitudes – we would like to take a look at it here today. For many Crossfit has become in recent years not only the weekly sports program but a kind of attitude to life. I also came into contact with the sport for the first time last year and was not only totally sweaty & exhausted but also super excited & overwhelmed by endorphins!

Hotel Park Punat
Outdoor-Fitnessbereich im Hotel Park Punat auf der Insel Krk

Facts about:

  • strictly speaking, Crossfit is not a sport, but an American brand developed by Greg & Lauren Glassman in 1980
  • not only a fitness training method but also a competitive sport
    combines weight lifting, deadweight exercises, sprints, and gymnastics
  • GOAL: to continually develop endurance, strength, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.
  • series of standardized workouts that serve as benchmarks for measuring progress with interesting names, such as Cindy, Fran, or Murph
  • The annual CrossFit Games are the world championships in the CrossFit universe – where the “fittest people in the world” are determined.
CLASSIC TRAINING PROGRAM – a workout usually consists of 4 components:
  • Warm-up – mostly with jump ropes and a mix of mobility & endurance.
  • Skill training to consolidate skills in strength exercises, e.g. with barbells & co. – because the technique of lifting weights must first be learned before you can shimmy up the weight plates.
  • HIT – high-intensity training between 10-20 minutes
  • Stretching – Stretching exercises provide the perfect finish and a final relaxation of the stressed muscles.
  • you can start with any fitness level at Crossfit because the repetitions & the weight can be adjusted individually according to performance.
  • working out together in the “box” (the Crossfit gym) is incredibly motivating and you make new friends
  • you can feel the progress from week to week – already in the first weeks you can feel an improvement regarding endurance, strength & mobility – this motivates additionally of course

Here is another TRAINING – for all those who want to try it with their own body weight. If you don’t know how to do every exercise – Doctor Google is your friend:

3 rounds

5 inchworms + pushup
30” wallsit
5 world’s greatest stretch (each side)
5 single arm down-dog to bear hold (each side)
10 bird dogs
30” front leaning rest
1’30” gymnastic swimming
10 glute bridges

4 Rounds

10 push ups
8/8 bulgarian split squats
10/10 lunges
10/10 step ups
15 leg raises
60” rest

HIT – High-Intensity Training
2 rounds

100 jumping jacks
60” plank
100 mountain climber
30” side plank
50 sit-ups
30” side plank
50 push-ups
30” hollow hold

If you don’t want to miss out on your daily workout even on vacation, you’ll find well-equipped fitness rooms throughout our hotels and one of our special features can be found at Hotel Park Punat in Croatia – they have their own outdoor fitness area, which is a highlight especially for Crossfit lovers. In addition, we have a cooperation with a studio there, which invites weekly to their classes with a view of the sea!

So then – KEEP ON MOVIN’!