50 Shades of Yoga – or as I call it: stretching

Well, maybe 50 types of yoga would go beyond the scope here, and yes, maybe I don’t even know 50 different types. Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, Flow – honestly, I have lost the overview. But what I want to say is: There are sooo many types of yoga and you don’t always have to twist twice around your own shoulders or float on one arm to be allowed to call it yoga. Because what is actually the meaning behind yoga and why should one also call simple stretching as such?

Admittedly, I am a complete beginner when it comes to yoga. But maybe that’s why I’m just the right person to show you how you can easily incorporate yoga into your everyday life without any expertise and try to eliminate a few prejudices in the process.

Why Yoga?

I get it – everyone really EVERYONE wants to give me instructions at the moment in social media, but also in my environment, that you become a better person through yoga. But honestly, I’m happy drinking two liters of water a day and calling my mom once a week. That’s why I wanted to start slowly and simply incorporated a few stretching exercises now and then, which I still knew from my school days while watching TV. Everyone knows it once the elbow behind the head and pull the hand down. Bam, I feel my inner center. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that quickly, but you soon realize how good it feels to stretch and take a deep breath. Little by little you can add more exercises, the internet is a bottomless pit for this and there are enough examples for every level of difficulty. At some point, you will certainly be able to turn twice around your own shoulder. And if not, then that is also good.

What is actually the purpose of yoga?

According to Wikipedia, “Yoga exercises today mostly follow a holistic approach that is intended to harmonize body, mind, and soul”. Or as I would put it: Simply press pause in between and concentrate entirely on yourself and your body.

All these stereotypes

  • Clothing: If you want to do yoga, you should definitely get the latest and most stylish yoga pants first, preferably with the matching top and everything skintight. No, with yoga it’s your own well-being that counts most. When you feel most comfortable with tight leggings: awesome. If not, then you are more than welcome to wear the wide cotton pants for the weekends and the t-shirt from the summer camp back in your teenage years.
  • Music: Yoga requires traditional relaxation music. I personally prefer to “stretch” to the sounds of nature (absolute country child at heart). But if you prefer to relax to the music of Green Day or the Backstreet Boys, so be it.
  • The mat: You don’t have a colourful rubber mat with an ergonomic carrying handle yet? Neither have I. For the beginning you don’t need this one either. I prefer to do the simple exercises on the washable knotted carpet on the balcony. For the more intensive ones, where you sweat and need support, there are very decorative mats made of natural materials such as cork. My personal favourite: The mat made of Zirbenholz, which is so beautiful that one does not put it away at all, but likes to leave it lying around in the living room.


No one has to, everyone can do yoga. I initially had a great inhibition to start, simply because I had no plan, which exercises I can do how without knowledge. The internet is such a great help and you just can’t stress if you can’t get your hands to the floor while standing. It’s just a matter of focusing on yourself without any right or wrong. If you need some practical tips and exercises for the beginning, you will find the most important things you need to know in this article “Yoga for beginners” explained very simply. On the other hand, if you want to try the whole thing with your partner or a friend, we show you in this post how to do it best.

Have fun trying it out!

PS: If you want to try and enjoy yoga in a group and in a picturesque ambiance, we recommend the yoga retreat with Nathalie Grahlert in mid-October in beautiful Bad Leonfelden. This retreat gives you time that is often missing in everyday life. Focus on yourself and take time to relax and breathe deeply. You can find more information here!