Yoga as a couple – Together with your partner in flow

Have you ever done yoga together with your partner? If not, we can only advise you to try it. Often it takes a little female persuasion until the first joint yoga practice takes place, but it is worth it.

When you dive into the yoga world together, you not only strengthen your body and mind but also your relationship. It may sound exaggerated at first but believe us: This common hobby has unbelievable advantages. In this article, we would like to summarize why and how you can best practice yoga as a couple.

First of all, you have to distinguish between yoga as a couple and partner yoga. If you want to do yoga as a couple, you don’t have to practice acrobatic contortions right away, but you can also just try normal yoga exercises together.

Yoga as a couple: the advantages

The simple basic exercises, for example, also convinced Tom to take time for yoga on a regular basis. Like most people, we spend a lot of time at our desks in our jobs – bad posture and back pain is inevitable. Whether as prevention or for acute back pain, yoga helps to strengthen the deep muscles. This good body feeling during yoga is enhanced by the breathing exercises and the meditative approach.

Another advantage of yoga: In our opinion, it is one of the best anti-stress remedies. Tom, for example, has gotten rid of his stress-related tension headaches. In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated by the movement and thus also the digestive tract.

But if you do yoga as a couple, you benefit even more: As with any sport, you can motivate each other to do a short yoga session even after a long day or right in the morning. You can also observe each other and give each other tips on posture. This way you will not only get to know your body better but also that of your partner.

Tip: Try out some simple partner yoga exercises. We will show you our favourite exercises in more detail below. They are not only fun but also strengthen your confidence.

This is how you convince your husband to take up yoga

Let’s face it: Most of the time, women realize the benefits of yoga before men. Typically clichéd men often do not consider yoga as a real sport. They prefer to lift weights, swing themselves onto a racing bike or run after a ball.

Tom was also not enthusiastic at first when Nina suggested that he should join a YouTube yoga workout. That yoga is more strenuous than it looks, Tom experienced first-hand when he rolled out the mat and followed Mady Morrison‘s instructions on YouTube.

After realizing that even the simplest stretching exercises were very painful for him, he became ambitious. After only two weeks and regular 10-minute videos on YouTube, he was able to significantly improve his stretching radius and also get rid of his tension headaches and neck pain. After this observation, Tom has become a real yoga fan.

With these arguments you too can convince your husband to start with yoga:

  • Yoga is the perfect complement to various endurance and strength sports and also improves performance in other sports. Many professional athletes also call yoga a recipe for success.
  • Power yoga as a workout: If you prefer to sweat instead of stretching, power yoga is just right for you. As with functional training, the focus here is on intermuscular coordination.
  • Let your husband try out yoga on his own first and don’t tell your friends about it. Tom has also tested the first ten YouTube videos just for himself.
  • Roll out the mat next to each other so that you are not sitting directly opposite each other and your husband doesn’t feel too observed.
  • Every man loves praise! So admire his great yoga skills.
    Fortunately force: Ask your loved ones to let him try yoga at least three times for the love of you. If he still does not feel a positive effect, you will release him from the common yoga idea.

Find your favorite yoga routine

Yoga should be good for you, your body and mind. This is our first priority. So when, how often, how long and how you practice yoga is entirely up to you. Try yourself and find your favourite yoga routine as a couple. For example, we prefer our own four walls and YouTube videos in the morning, while others may prefer to attend a yoga class or retreat together. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Yoga classes at the gym
  • Special yoga courses like Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Arco Yoga
  • Yoga with YouTube videos (personal recommendation: Mady Morrison, athletic flow): Whether 10 minutes of a morning routine or 45 minutes of power workout in the evening, there is something for everyone.
  • Yoga Retreats: Immerse yourself intensively in the world of yoga during your vacation

Partner Yoga exercises for beginners

Partner Yoga is often associated with acrobatic contortions and tricks. This type of yoga also exists, it is called acro yoga. But let us anticipate right away: Our partner exercises have (still) little to do with it. We have done some research, read a lot, watched YouTubes videos and above all one thing: we have tried a lot.

We have found that there are many exercises that simply work more effectively together: Stretching can be intensified and you like to try out new exercises where your partner can help you.

As a final tip, we can give you: Don’t despair if you don’t do your yoga exercises perfectly at first. You will notice that you will become more flexible from time to time! Tom has already noticed the first progress after two weeks. Maybe one partner is more flexible than the other. But Yoga is not a competition – find your flow as a couple and share a new passion together and just have fun with it, laughing is also allowed!