Winter Is Coming ⛰️ Mountain. Love. Katschberg.

Winter is coming. Unfortunately, Game of Thrones came to an end this year, BUT its legendary saying will be around for a while – and can actually already be used at the end of October. Even though the colourful leaves are still dancing playfully in the breeze, it won’t be long now before they’re replaced by thick white snowflakes. A relaxed winter holiday is on the cards once winter is finally here. I especially like the combination of skiing and wellness. After all, what could be better than going into a warm sauna after an active day of skiing or swimming a few lengths in the heated indoor pool?

Normally, Salzburg is my number one “winter home” – but this year I’ve decided to broaden my winter horizon and put some other ski resorts through their paces. So as not to completely turn my back on my lovely Salzburg, I decided to choose the Katschberg Mountain because the area connects two of the most beautiful federal provinces – Salzburg & Carinthia. Here are the most important details about Katschi, as it is affectionately called by its regular guests, to help you get an idea of the area.



Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding – the main thing is to get downhill on your skis or boards. ⛷️ Katschberg Mountain offers a nice change of pace with a total of 70 km of ski slopes.  Whether you’re a recreational skier, budding “ski racer” or complete beginner, all types of skiers feel right at home here. This family-friendly ski area offers a great ambience, where parents can watch in awe as their kids make their first snowplough turns.  There’s also a small snow park with a halfpipe & jump at Silverjet 1 for the adrenaline junkies out there. If skiing during the day is just not enough, you also have the opportunity to go carving down some slopes by floodlight for a few hours on Thursdays. The Königswiese invites you to try night skiing from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

By the way  – snow is pretty much guaranteed in the region because of its high elevation, between 1,700 m and 2,200 m, and numerous snow cannons that are able to cover 100% of the slopes. All in all, there are a great many reasons why you should spend your skiing holiday in Katschberg.


It’s also possible to be active without wearing skis in Katschberg. The region offers some great off-piste alternatives any time of the day or night. Why not try the KatschbergerAdventweg, a Christmas-themed walking trail, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the pre-Christmas period at the end of November. The lovingly restored hay barns and mountain lodges invite you to linger awhile.


The cross-country skiing trails offer a more leisurely experience than the slopes. At least as far as pace is concerned, because it’s just as physically tiring as alpine skiing. I haven’t personally tried cross-country skiing yet, but some of my friends were extremely excited after their first  “trail experience”. They described cross country skiing as “decelerated athletics”. There’s an 8 km long cross-country skiing trail in Pölltall/Rennweg and a 31 km long trail in Murtal, which starts in St. Margarethen.


Tobogganing is sure to bring out the inner child in everyone. Tobogganing with the family or with friends can be really fun. A toboggan evening definitely belongs to the perfect winter holiday. A 1.5 km long toboggan run is located on  GamskogelMountain. Once at the top, stop for a refreshment at the Gamskogel Mountain Lodge before you brave the trip down in either your own or in a rental toboggan. The toboggan run is open daily in winter.


Ice skating is definitely not one of my favourite pastimes – I spent more time on my bum at the ice rink than I did ice skating when I was younger. Let’s see – maybe this year I’ll be brave enough to step out onto the ice again.
The region even offers two skating rinks:
01 // Right by the Falkensteiner Hotel Cristallo on the  Katschberg Mountain – where you can also borrow skates
02 // Right by the Rennweg sports field – which is also illuminated in the evenings

In addition to the two skating rinks, the region also offers a curling rink. You can try curling at the Schoberblick lodge in the snow-covered Pölltal/Rennweg Nature Reserve between Wednesday and Sunday. Highlight: The lanes are illuminated in the evenings and you will be spoiled there with mulled wine and “Jagatee” – which is sure to increase your target accuracy. 😉

Besides these three activities, you can experience much more in Katschberg. Ski touringsnowshoeing and sleigh rides offer the perfect opportunity to explore the winter wonderland in Katschberg.

I’m looking forward to the winter and to my upcoming holiday on the mountain – the Katschberg Mountain!