TSAR – My experience

TSAR – My experience

As part of my three-day stay at Falkensteiner Stegersbach, I recently had the opportunity to take a TSAR unit with the founder, Sonja Ruprah.

I had never heard of this type of training before and was very curious about what to expect there.

TSAR – the secret of regeneration builds on the principle of regeneration. One can only achieve best performance and 100% of one’s power, if one is also given the time to regenerate or also manages to activate inactive muscle areas.

The first TSAR session starts with a body competence analysis done by the trainer themselves. All you have to do is stand up straight and then you will be examined from top to bottom. As a result, tension progressions and possible relieving or incorrect postures can be determined. Thereupon, a training plan is created or opportunities are shown as to how these tensions can be avoided or the posture can be optimised.

Passive TSAR

I had severe back pain in the lower lumbar region the week before I had the opportunity try the TSAR session, during which we initially took care of this problem.

The trainer had already noticed during the body competence analysis that my shoulders fall too much forward and, for this, I form a hollow back in the lower back. This could be the reason for my back pain.

For the TSAR treatment, she then laid me flat on the floor and helped me acquire the correct posture – very gently and slowly. It was amazing how natural the optimised posture felt. I then tried again to form a hollow back and only then noticed how exhausting that was actually. No wonder that much power is lost here.

Active TSAR

Another concern on my part could not be determined by the trainer during the body competence analysis but which I wanted to address myself.

Although I have been doing much sport for several years now and actively strengthening my mid-section and abdominal muscles, I find it extremely difficult to do sit-ups. I just cannot make it to the top.

The TSAR band was deployed here. This is a solid band of material that provides support during the exercises. I managed with that to actively control small muscle groups which are necessary for the sit-ups and was thus able to do small preparatory exercises.

TSAR is a very extraordinary concept whose effect you should, by no means, underestimate. We always want to give 100% and be absolutely powerful but, at the same time, we provide no rest and ignore the signals that our body sends us. TSAR is a great way to provide this regeneration to the body but, at the same time, to be active and to optimise posture and training by actively triggering smaller muscle areas.

I would recommend it to everyone!