Trend sports for the winter: These are the activities you must try

It doesn’t always have to be skiing: Austria’s national sport can also take a back seat this year. After all, our beautiful alpine country offers a diverse range of winter sports that are just waiting for you to try out. From snowkiting to snow zorbing to ice climbing, we present the most exciting activities here.

“Schifoan is des leiwandste, was ma si nur vorstö’n kann?” Objection! At the risk of having our Austrian citizenship revoked, we postulate: There are plenty of other sports you should definitely give a chance this winter. No matter whether you are particularly adventurous or prefer to take it easy – among these exercise options there is guaranteed to be the right one for you.

For high-flyers: Ice climbing

When the temperatures drop far below zero, the waterfalls begin to freeze and the ice climbing season starts. Armed with an ice axe, crampons, and ice screws, off you go: Those who usually like to make their way up rock faces can now try this vertical adventure at the frozen waterfall. Ice climbing is one of the most demanding alpine sports, so you should only undertake your first tours in the company of a professional. Handling the special climbing equipment requires some practice, but once you get the hang of it, a fascinating world reveals itself on the ice, high above the ground.

For those who like to experiment: snow zorbing.

We love rolling down the snow-covered slope! And when we say “rolling down”, we don’t mean it figuratively, but literally. In snow zorbing, you are inside a large inflatable ball made of transparent plastic and roll down the snow-covered slope. Sounds like fun and games? Quite right. However, snow zorbing is more demanding than it seems at first: in order not to completely lose control of the ball, you should have the very good physical condition and body control.

For adrenaline junkies: snowkiting

Most people are familiar with kitesurfing: pulled by a stunt kite, you whiz across the waves of the sea or ocean on a surfboard. As you can already imagine, snowkiting works in a similar way: you stand on your skis or snowboard and are pulled across the snow by the force of the wind from your kite. If you have a solid level of fitness, you can learn to snowkite relatively quickly and then whiz along at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, powered by wind energy.

For team sports enthusiasts: Curling

Do you prefer to play in a group? Then curling is the right winter activity for you: On an ice rink, two teams of four players each try to play with their curling stones, which weigh around 20 kilos, closer to the center of a target circle than the opposing team. When the stone is shot, it is set into a slow spinning motion – the “curl” – which causes it not to run straight, but to make an arc on the ice. Curling is similar to curling and is guaranteed to make for fun winter days.

For down-to-earth people: cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing has been gaining popularity again for some years now, and for good reason. This gentle form of exercise is particularly easy on the joints – but anyone who has spent a whole day in their cross-country skis knows that this sport really works the muscles! The use of the cross-country trails is much cheaper than the usual day ski passes, and instead of a fast pace, the focus is on consciously enjoying nature. Our internal trend scouts suspect: Cross-country skiing will continue to gain popularity this year.

For ramp sows: Airboarding

Whizzing down the slopes at high speed: For you, this is simply part of winter? If you’re looking for a change from skiing and snowboarding when it comes to fun on the slopes, you can satisfy your longing for speed with air boarding. You lie on your stomach on a high-tech air cushion about 1.20 meters long and hold on to two handles. Then it’s head first down the slope: You can steer simply by shifting your weight, and it’s easy to brake with your feet. Air boarding is much easier than skiing or snowboarding and is a lot of fun.

Well, hopefully, we’ve provided you with some sports for your winter to-do list: Grab your loved ones and have fun trying them out!