The best beach games for summer

Beach games are a dime a dozen. So whether we can really claim that we have found THE best? That’s ultimately for you to decide! Among our favorites, you will find only small and light games to take along on a plane that is not too susceptible to sand, wind, and water, and last but not least, they are a lot of fun. In doing so, we have been inspired by game classics as well as the latest trends.

The handy ones

Card or board games on the beach? We say yes! But they have to be the right ones.

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The classic game UNO is now available in so many versions: from UNO Super Mario to UNO Extreme and UNO Flip, to UNO Minecraft and UNO Star Wars. However, we opt for the waterproof version. So it doesn’t matter if the cards end up in the pool during a gust of wind or if we accidentally hit them with the ice cream. Thanks to the practical clip, they can also be tidied up and taken along very quickly.

Dobble Beach

Another game where the manufacturers have considered that we would like to take it to the beach. The waterproof version of “Dobble” works just like the original: the aim is to find the same symbols on the cards as quickly as possible. Convenient: several different game variations can be played with one and the same set of cards. Dobble is for children from 6 years and can be played with up to 8 players. So boredom has no chance so quickly.

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Black Stories Holiday Edition & Orange Stories

The Black Stories are quite dark: The game master reads the front of a card. Here, very superficially, an incident is described, which usually did not end too well. Now the other players have to guess how the accident happened. Only the game leader knows the answer from the back of the card and can put the other players on the right track with yes-no answers. The most bizarre stories about vacations are collected in the “Holiday Edition”, one of more than 10 editions of Black Stories.

Following the same principle, Orange Stories challenges children aged 8 and up to puzzle.

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The strategy game in pocket size! In Mastermind, the goal is to recognize which color code the other player has secretly set in 10 rounds. Round after round you have to try out new combinations and approach the result with the help of hints (white pencil for correct color selection, red pencil for correct color plus placement). It is advisable to put a towel under the game to avoid losing pens in the sand, otherwise, Mastermind is absolutely wind- and waterproof.

The active

Spike Ball

While the first trendsetters already carried their spike ball rings to the beach last year, there is no way around the trend game by 2021 at the latest. Two 2-person teams compete against each other and try to hit the small ball filled with air onto the “trampoline” in the middle so that the opponents can no longer return it. The ball may be touched up to three times before it must bounce back onto the net, otherwise, the opposing team receives a

point and the service, just as when this can not accept it after bouncing off the net.

Specially designed sets can also be played on the water and allow full fun while cooling down. Practical, then when playing spike ball can quite sweat.


A classic among outdoor games: the good old Frisbee. But this one is also evolving! Models made of silicone are even easier to store and don’t hurt children’s fingers if catching doesn’t work out.

“Throwing rings” is even easier to grip and are also much lighter than the conventional Frisbee.


Do you know those little wobbly balls that bounce so well on the surface of the water? Invented by the Swedish company Waboba more than 15 years ago, the “water bouncing balls” are now available in a variety of designs and countless imitations. We remain faithful to the original and let the balls just fly over sea and lake.

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