Snow olé: These are the upcoming winter sports trends

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The year is 1976. Helmut Schmidt remains Chancellor of Germany after the federal elections, Jimmy Carter becomes the 39th President of the United States. Czechoslovakia becomes the European soccer champion. However, a historic event takes place shortly before Christmas: Wolfgang Ambros releases the unofficial winter sports anthem “Schifoan”.

Much time has passed since then, and in politics, others have long since taken over. Czechoslovakia no longer exists and its successor nations have never been able to match earlier soccer successes. Only the love of many winter sports enthusiasts (and those who are familiar with the subject mainly thanks to après-ski) for Ambros’ popular song remains unbroken.

There are reasons for this: With the “most beautiful, “which one can only imagine” is meant in addition to skiing, of course, the entire other range of sporting activities during the cold season. And it is precisely these activities that continue to enjoy the greatest popularity. Reason enough for us to go in search of the hottest trends of the upcoming winter sports season.


Ski, snowshoes, or board? – Yes!

Red wire vs. green wire, chocolate vs. gummy bears, beach vacation vs. winter sports: life is full of difficult decisions. While at least the latter juxtaposition involves a clear decision (after all, you’ve already read this article to this point!), other agony-of-choice experiences divide opinions – such as which mode of transportation is the best option on snow.

Undecideds, rest assured: you can have it all in one product! Drift launched the Drift Board after a Kickstarter campaign:

The hybrid of cross-country skis and snowshoes allows maximum mobility off the groomed slopes and attracts all those who do not want to commit to one type when choosing the boards that mean the world.

Thus, you are not only relieved of the decision as to which boards will let you glide over the snow – you are also flexible and can devote yourself to the increasingly popular snowshoeing and be on the move “beyond the beaten paths” in addition to the downhill.

Olympians of the future, watch out!

What do sack races, tobacco spitting, and sculpting have in common? That’s right, all of these disciplines were once Olympic. While we can at least attest to the sack race as having a sporting focus, this is more difficult in the case of the other two “sports”. In 2026, however, at the Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, one sport will regain its own discipline that was last Olympic in 1998: ski mountaineering.

The sport, which will be the 16th to be included in the Winter Games portfolio, will be contested in five disciplines: Thus, one individual competition and one sprint race are on the schedule for each gender, and a mixed competition will conclude the action.


Whether ski mountaineering will remain an Olympic sport in the future, however, remains open: The IOC voted to include it “without guarantee of continuation.” However, the chances of remaining are sure to increase if the competition can inspire – and who knows, maybe one of you will make it among the participants. You still have a few years to train…


From the wheel to the deed

You don’t hear much about them, but they still exist people who have never stood on skis or a snowboard. While some people turn up their noses at such moments (and the writer raises his hand in shame, editor’s note), others think about ways to get these people on the slopes, too – and bring the snowbike into play.

“This is nothing new,” some admonish, noting that the first snowbike raced down the slope in Austria’s Tennengau region back in 1949 and under the name “Sitz Ski.” This is not wrong, but the trend to snowbiking comes every winter as surely as the first snow on the mountain.

And so a lot has changed since the winter of 1949: modern snowbikes come as futuristic carbon companions, with which speeds of more than 100km/h can be achieved effortlessly – although this is only advisable for experienced riders.

The small print

As you can see, there are some cool winter sports trends waiting for you this winter, too. No matter how you travel: stay healthy, we wish you a wonderful winter and lots of fun on all the slopes of this world!