“A skiing trip which is fun, a skiing trip which is beautiful!” – these are the first lines of the song to which they give its name, a staple at any Après Ski Party. However, you should prepare well in order for your skiing trip or snowboarding tour to be beautiful and fun. You are probably wondering, “prepare for what?”, right? We’re referring to the muscles. It is all the more important, especially in the cold half of the year, to not only get the new race skis going but also the muscles.

How do I warm up properly?
The topic of warm-up exercises is often neglected as people are of the opinion that this would, in any case, take too long and just hold someone back. Of course, when the weather is beautiful and the slope is covered with fresh snow, you want to get on the skis which mean the world to you as quickly as possible.

However, a proper warm-up does not take long at all and can save you a lot of trouble and, above all, time down the line, which you do not then have to spend in hospital because you have fallen.

You can already start your warm-up while brushing your teeth before breakfast. For example, you can stand on tiptoe for 10 seconds at a time and then place your feet down flat again. This gets your muscles moving and prepares them well.

Knees, thighs and upper body
Without doubt, it is the thighs and knees that are at greatest risk of injury when skiing or snowboarding. I therefore always pay special attention as a snowboarder to ensuring that my thigh muscles are well warmed up. In particular, one should also be aware in advance that the burden of skiing and snowboarding is, after all, a burden the muscles are not so often exposed to. Although I do between 8–14 hours of sport per week, I still notice how demanding snowboarding is.

Just as important as warming up the thighs is getting the upper body going. This is easy to do by circling your arms and does not need to take longer than a minute per side. So you see, it is not witchcraft and really does not take up much time either.

Stretching to prevent muscle injury
Everyone knows about it but only a few do it. Those who do not stretch their muscles sufficiently run the risk of getting a strain or, in the worst case, even a torn muscle. The body can only react quickly and protect you, for example, from falling, when its muscles are well stretched.

“Down to the tips of your toes” and “up to your backside” are the mottoes for these stretching exercises. Anyone who also quickly grasps their hands together behind their back is bound to enjoy a fun and beautiful skiing trip.

Relaxed muscles in the evening
I advise anyone who goes on a skiing holiday and has the opportunity to visit their hotel’s wellness area to do so as relaxation is good not only for the soul but also for the body. Moreover, it does not hurt to stretch out your muscles again in the evening after a good long ski tour. This way, you will have a perfect, accident-free end to your day and will be recovered for your next tour!