Home workout for the whole family – Part 1

For a short but effective workout, a gym is not necessarily required. Each of you can easily “work out” at home and thus stay fit. Therefore I have put together a simple workout for the whole family, which you can do several times a week at home in your bedroom, living room or, in good weather, on your balcony. I would like to start with exercises that activate your cardiovascular system and strengthen your arms, neck and shoulder muscles.

But before we start with the Family-Workout, you will need 2 filled bottles of the same weight for each participant, as long as there are no dumbbells or weights in the house. How heavy you fill them or how big the bottles are, you can choose yourself, depending on the training intensity. A stopwatch is also an advantage to be able to stop how long an exercise takes.

But now come on, get to the bottles – ready – exercise start!

Warming up and activation of the cardiovascular system

  • Easy running on the spot:
    Increase speed slowly (30-60 seconds)
  • Knee lever up:
    Knees up, arms active, the body remains upright (30-60 seconds)
  • Come about:
    Lift heels up to buttocks, arms active, the body remains upright (30-60 seconds)
  • Jumping Jacks: Stand up straight with your hands on the outside of your thighs. Jump with both legs apart and simultaneously raise your arms so that they touch above your head. Then close your legs again and bring the arms back to your thighs. Now do this alternately and quickly one after the other. (30-60 seconds)

Shoulder and neck muscles

  • Arm circles with water bottles:
    Take a filled water bottle or a dumbbell in each hand and stretch your arms sideways away from your body. Now circle your arms slowly, then faster and faster forward. After 30-60 seconds change the direction of your arm circles, you now circle backwards. (30-60 seconds each)
  • Raise and lower shoulders:
    Stand upright with your legs slightly apart and take a water bottle or dumbbell in each hand. Raise your shoulders and then lower them slowly. (20-30 repetitions)

Arms (biceps and triceps)

  • Triceps:
    Stand up straight, feet hip-wide apart. Raise your arm up and bend it so that the water bottle or dumbbell is held behind your head. Now extend your arm upwards until it points vertically upwards. Then bend your arm as far as you can. Do this with both arms for 40 seconds each. (15 repetitions per arm)
  • Bicep curls:
    Take a water bottle or dumbbell in each hand (underhand grip), stand upright and pull your shoulders back. The legs should be open about hip-wide. Now alternately bend your arms upwards until the water bottles are at shoulder level. Then bring the water bottles back down. ATTENTION: The arm should not be fully extended! Keep your elbow close to your body during the whole movement. (20-30 repetitions)

Who still has strength and endurance after these 8 exercises can repeat all exercises again. The number of repetitions and the duration of the exercises can be slightly increased.

How you train the other muscle parts of your body you will soon find out in the 2nd part of the “Home Workout for the whole family” series here on our blog. Happy training and exhausting! 🙂